In this article, we provide a recap of Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 5, which contains spoilers.

Professor Choi’s Case

The episode begins with a strange case involving Professor Choi, a cancer-stricken husband who wants to divorce his stubborn wife so that he can remarry and receive a liver donation from his new wife. Sung-Han warns the adulterous pair that a “favorable” outcome is unlikely, but they want to push through with the lawsuit.

Gi-yoong’s Visit

Sung-han’s mood improves when Gi-yeong visits, but things seem off when he is scheduled to leave at 9 pm instead of in the morning. Nevertheless, the family enjoys gaming and junk food before Gi-Yeong leaves. It’s revealed that Gi-yeong’s paternal grandmother is flying into Korea, which Sung-han doesn’t exactly welcome.

Seo-jin Struggles

Seo-jin struggles to adjust to her office life and is overwhelmed by her landlord’s gift. She is negatively curious about whether her divorce case was more complex than Ji-suk’s and is uncomfortable with being noticed in a job she is partaking in out of necessity.

Choi Jun’s Spy Plan

Choi Jun is concerned after discovering Yu-seok’s spying plan for him. Hyeong-geun shares Sung-han’s grievances with Choi Jun to help him understand the gravity of the situation. Choi Jun then comes clean with Sung-han and explains everything Yu-seok wanted him to do and why he did certain unethical acts as a “powerless intern.”

Ji-Eun’s Emergency

Ji-eun’s emergency disrupts Hyeong-geun’s evening. So-yeon drives her to the hospital, leaving Hyeong-Geun deflated. He cannot be comforted by Sung-Han and Jeong-sik until Jeong-sik takes a candid photo of him staring out the window.


Overall, episode five of Divorce Attorney Shin had its strengths, including a potentially fascinating case involving Professor Choi and the development of Choi Jun’s spy plan. However, some parts of the episode felt muddled and unspectacular.