If you have $10,000 USD ($AUD14,700, £7,900), then you can buy two small, useless plastic discs with someone else’s eye juice on them.

Yeah, we’re not kidding.

After seeing Taylor Swift at The Eras Tour concert, one of her fans came across an “entrepreneurial” idea.

They put the contact lenses they wore at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, up for sale on the online shopping site Depop.

The listing on the digital marketplace said that the contact lenses have been used but are in “excellent condition.”

Taylor Swift Fan Puts Her Contact Lenses Up for Sale for $10k, Says She Has Seen "The Eras Tour" With Them

So you could put them in your own eyes and move them around to feel as if you were at the concert too.

We’re kidding. Don’t do that. Please. It’s gross. Eww.

C’mon now, Swifties. We gotta talk.

The revolting Depop post is what made the Swiftie write this story, and it’s now going around the internet, where people have mixed reactions.

One user said:

Swifties are so unhinged. I love us so much.

A second added:

I respect the hustle.

A third joked:

We love a business woman.

Some people called the weird listing “disgusting,” “weird,” and “embarrassing.”

But there were also people who were totally into the souvenir.

One person said:

You know what? If I didn’t have tickets I would consider buying.

A second chipped in with:

If I had the money I would buy them.

And a third person said something that made us concerned about their health:

I’d buy, I have no personality outside of being a Taylor fan.

The person then tagged Taylor Swift in their tweet and added:

This is how much of a dedicated fan I am! If you told me to roll around in shards of glass I would!

What is even going on here?

This fandom is out of control and getting close to idol worship. Seriously.

Oh, and just so you know, the Depop listing has been taken down, so even if you wanted to, you can’t buy someone else’s dirty contact lenses anymore. Thank god.

The lister claimed that it was a “joke” and they never intended to sell them.

But now that we know people would pay good money for something like that, it could be posted again to see what the highest bid is.