Doctor Romantic Season 3 is back in Doldam Hospital with Master Kim and his team of Doctors.

Since the last season of the series, which aired from January 6 to February 2020, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season of Doctor Romantic as the last episode ended in an intriguing cliffhanger.

Doctor Romantic is an ongoing South Korean tv series that tells the story of a genius doctor in the countryside who is trying to open up a trauma center for the people living on the outskirts of the city. With low on technology, equipment, and staff, we see how Doctor Kim Sabo manages to open up a trauma center along with his team of doctors. It also graciously shows the lives of each doctor and nurse surviving in the hospital, serving their patients along with dealing with their internal turmoil.

Doctor Romantic Season 3

Directed by Yoo In-Shik (seasons 1–3), Park Soo-jin (season 1), Lee Gil-bok (season 2), Kang Bo-Seung (season 3) and written by Kang Eun-Kyung (seasons 1–3) Lim Hye-min (season 3) it has been a huge hit among the fans recording over 20% in ratings. It stars talented actors like Han Suk-kyu as the main character with Yoo Yeon-Seok, Seo Hyun-jin in the first season, Ahn Hyo-seop, and Lee Sung-kyung in the second and third seasons.

Doctor Romantic Season 3: Spoiler Ahead!

Doctor Romantic Season 3 starts with Dr. Seo WooJin, Dr. Jeong In-Soo, and Nurse Park Eun-tak arriving at a near-warzone area to operate on North Korean refugees. Dr. Kim Sabo along with Dr. Cha Eun-Jae and a new resident Dr. Jang Dong Hwa arrive at the site too, right after things get complicated during their operation. The first episode shows us how the Doctors and Nurses of Doldam Hospital again deal with a national crisis with their witty ways.

We also see, Dr. Park Min Guk trying to recruit new Doctors at the hospital. He reached out to Dr. Cha Jin Man, a famous cardiothoracic surgeon who was looking forward to switching hospitals. However, Both Dr. Cha Jin Man and Dr. Kim Sabo were known to be rivals since their undergrad years. Dr. Cha Jin Man also happens to be Doctor Dr. Cha Eun-Jae’s father with who he has a rough relationship after Dr. Eun-Jae decided to whistle-blow her brother.

Spoiler Alert!
Actors from Extraordinary Attorney Woo make a special appearance in the series.

Doctor Romantic Season 3 has a lot to reveal in its upcoming episodes

Doctor Romantic Season 3: What to Expect!

As we saw Dr. Kim Sabo and Dr. Cha Jin Man has been mortal rivals since their undergrad days, we may see a lot of clash in the Doldam Hospital. We will also see, the two lovebirds, Dr. Woojin and Dr. Eun-Jae developing the next stage in their relationship as they decided to move in together.

Still from Doctor Romantic Season 3

Although there might be turbulence in their relationship as we see Eun-Jae’s father is not in favor of Woo Jin, as he believes he is the main reason why his relationship with his daughter had to fall out.

We can also expect to see Nurse Park Eun-Tak and Dr. Yoon Ah Reum’s blooming yet awkward relationship beginning as in Season 2 we didn’t get much of their stories.

Ah Reum and Eun Tak

In Doctor Romantic Season 3, fans can expect at least a cameo of a few actors who were cast in Season 1. As per an interview with actor Yoo Yeon Seok, he neither denied nor confirmed his appearance in Doctor Romantic Season 3. Although, he hinted to the fans to stay tuned to know what’s to come. With this hint, fans can expect to take a tour down memory lane and see him again in the third season.

Doctor Romantic Season 1

Doctor Romantic Season 2 last episode ended with Dr. Park Min Guk and Dr. Kim Sabo discussing their plans to set up Doldam Hospital’s Trauma Center.

Overall fans can expect a rollercoaster ride this time as Doctor Romantic Season 3 will answer all the questions left unanswered in the previous two seasons.

Doctor Romantic Season 3: Watch Online

Doctor Romantic Season 3 will premiere every Friday and Saturday. You can watch Doctor Romantic Season 3 on Viki, WeTV, Viu, Apple TV, and, on NETFLIX 

Doctor Romantic Season 3: Release Dates

Doctor Romantic Season 3 started to air on 28th April 2023.