As soon as I see animals being rescued and adopted, I start to lose hope in humanity. It makes me realize that humanity and kindness still exist. Millions of homeless dogs are put to sleep all over the world. As per the stats by The Humane Society of the United States, about 3.4 million dogs & cats are euthanized in the US. These poor animals couldn’t find a forever home.

You can either get a dog for yourself or not. You can either buy a dog from a shelter and give it a new life, or you can just adopt a dog from a shelter and give it a new life. If you are a true animal lover, you would choose to adopt rather than buy a dog. It cannot be described in words the feeling you would get after giving a home to a homeless dog. We compiled pictures of dogs who were adopted and how their lives changed. Before and after pictures of the dogs who got adopted are available.


1. We want you to meet Jake. He is a dog.

“This is Jake. We adopted him in January, and he is a senior. All it took was some love (and many belly rubs), and I’m happy to say he’s finally living the life he always deserved.”


2. This naughty little fellow is Hank.

After getting the proper care, he is a happy and beautiful dog.


3. Kasper says hello!

The new owners of the dog had to travel a long way to join him in the UK. They jokingly said, “Has yet to integrate and learn the language. Very good boy nonetheless.”


4. Pablo has a long tongue!

The picture on the left shows how happy the dog is in his new home, even though he was sad when he was found on the streets.


5. This handsome guy is known as Bug.

Bug was brought to a shelter from the streets. A volunteer liked her at first glance and promised, “Tomorrow I’ll return to take you home.” Bug was probably betrayed by people before and didn’t believe her. She realized how happy she was at her new home.


6. Leo loves posing for the camera!

He was hit by a car. After being given proper care and love, Leo lives a happy life with his owners.


7. Piper is here to win your hearts!

The doggo was very shy back in the shelter. A woman who was having a seizure adopted a dog. She realized that she could prevent her seizures from happening.


8. Gotta love Kelly’s transformation!


9. Chex is living a good life!


10. Look at this cutie.


11. Meet the charming, Pig Pen!

His transformation deserves a lot of praise.


12. We can’t get over how cute Mischka is.

Her hooman came for her rescue and took her home after she spent most of her time living near a supermarket.


13. Scarlett is happy as ever!

Due to a minor skin condition, Scarlett was about to be euthanized but her owner came in time to save her. She lives a happy life now.


14. Look at that smile!


15. Hello there, Jackson.

Jackson likes chilling on the couch.


16. From being sad to being the happiest dog.


17. Holland has beautiful eyes.


18. It is a happy moment when you see how Edgar’s life has changed.


19. Spokey’s happy face.

It is a happy moment when you see how his life has changed.


20. Teddy has a spark in his eyes.

Teddy is a cross between a golden retriever and an Australian shepherd.


The pictures end here and we hope that you would consider adopting a pet instead of buying one. If you have already saved a homeless animal, please let us know in the comments section.