Since you all liked Khristian K Romey’s and James Buddy’s adorable and relatable Hey Buddy Comics, we have featured it again. If this is not good news, we don’t know what is.  

Also, if you are interested in getting regular updates of this comic regularly, this dynamic duo releases it every Tuesday and Friday. So, don’t forget to check it. 

James Buddy, the writer said, “the intense affection I felt for this creature I could not communicate with inspired me to imagine the conversations we would have if I could”. “Recently, I realized that the huge collection of stuff I had written might actually entertain other people. The problem was they were kind of boring to look at in text form. They needed to be brought to life to have the same energy and verve as my actual dog!”

1. He’s not wrong.

2. True Love.

3. They know what we need.

4. Relationship Goals


6. It’s better with YOU.

7. Balls are GREAT.

8. Dogs are just the best.

9. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

10. Okay excuse me, who TF is cutting onions in here!?

11. Good advice.

12. Co-sign.

13. Friendship is great.

14. Yes, buddy. It’s your food.

15. WTF, I didn’t need this.

16. I love it.

17. Or… OR!

18. Teamwork.

19. Accurate