Doja Cat has made fun of social media users who are upset by her “demonic” tattoo.

The 27-year-old ‘Say So’ hitmaker took to Instagram over the weekend to show off her new tattoo, which Doja Cat claims signifies imperfection.

The ink on her left forearm is inspired by a Giovanni Battista Bissoni artwork from the 1634 book De Monstruorum Causis, Natura et Differentiis (On the Reasons, Nature, and Differences of Monsters) by Italian philosopher Fortunio Liceti.

Doja Cat


The Grammy-winning singer, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, then responded on Twitter, writing:

“If ur calling me demonic honestly werk cuz like I love that u ate fr.”

She also explained the importance of the tattoo in a subsequent Instagram post. The initial post featured illustrations from Liceti’s De Monstris from 1665, along with the statement, “Your fear is not my problem.”

The second image in the gallery provided an in-depth explanation of the illustration, which read: “Originally published, without the illustrations, in 1616. Liceti’s work, although not the first on the topic of deformities in nature, was perhaps the most influential of the period.”

“In the wake of the book, there was a huge rise in interest throughout Europe in ‘monstrosities’: pygmies, supposed mermaids, deformed fetuses, and other natural marvels were put on display and widely discussed, becoming the circus freak-shows of their time.”

The explanation stated that Liceti didn’t see “deformity” as “negative” like many of his contemporaries, instead, he commanded them to be more “admirable”.

The post concluded by quoting Liceti: “‘It is said that I see the convergence of both nature and art. Because one or the other not being able to make what they want, they can at least make what they can.”

Doja Cat

Doja Cat

Anyone who has followed the ‘Rules’ musician’s career knows she has an “I don’t care” attitude, shaves her head and brows, paints herself gold in the name of fashion, and changes her Twitter display name to “fart” and being unable to change it back.

Doja Cat has also been referred to as “demonic” previously. She addressed Illuminati rumors in February after users claimed that the theme of her birthday party was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut, which is about an ‘elite organization’ allegedly comparable to the Illuminati.

In addition to the theme, the ‘Need To Know’ diva’ birthday celebration featured a three-tiered birthday cake with the notorious ‘All Seeing Eye’ design and guests dressed in masks.

Doja Cat turned to Twitter after seeing all of the fuss surrounding her on the social media platform to express her displeasure with the weird theories.

The ‘Kiss Me More’ singer wrote: “This Illuminati s*** is so funny to me I’m gonna keep doing deliberate weird a** s*** just to make those people uncomfortable. I’ve fr found a new outlet of joy.”

She appears to have kept her word since she is still “uncomfortable” around people.