The President of The United States Donald Trump handles several business operations and even though he is not taking care of them himself, he manages to make quite a lot of money every year. However, one of his favourite ventures, Mar-A-Lago Resort suffered losses last year as it earned less than it did in 2017.

Earnings take a dip for Donald Trump

Donald Trump The earning reports submitted to the Government Ethics Office revealed that Donald Trump earned $452 million in 2017, but in 2018, he only managed to make $434 million.

Although it is hard to tell where the money is coming from exactly considering that the President owns a large number of golf clubs and luxury resorts, reports have stated that one of the contributing factors is the luxury resort in Palm Beach which earned $22.6 million last year while it made $25 million in 2017.

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Also involved in hotel ventures

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is also known in the business world for or his hotel establishments. Trump Tower is obviously one of his most popular facilities, but reports have stated that he also earned a huge chunk of his income from the hotel in Washington DC. He made more than $40 million from the hotel.

Trump is also the owner of several golf courses outside the country from which he made $23 million last year.