Are you waiting for the latest update about Dr Stone Season 4? This series has been a smash hit, and currently, the third season is airing. As the third season approaches its conclusion, fans desire to know about Dr Stone Season 4 release date.

Produced by TMS Entertainment, Dr Stone has been adapted from a popular manga series of the same name. The series follows the story of a young boy’s efforts to revive humanity. A mystic light wreaked havoc on the planet and destroyed humanity. Every human turned into stone. 3700 years later, a ray of hope for humanity emerges when Senku Ishigami, a brilliant boy, emerges from the stone statue and strives to rebuild the world.

Dr Stone Season 4 Release Date
Dr Stone Season 4 is one of the most anticipated anime series of the year

Dr Stone Season 4 Release Date

Dr Stone Season 3 started its run on April 6, 2023, and has been divided into two separate seasons. Let us explore the fourth season in detail.No release date has been announced for season 4.  Dr Stone Season 3 is currently on air. It will end in June 2023. We can expect an announcement about the release date once the third season concludes successfully. According to our predictions, the next season will air in spring 2024.

Dr Stone Season 4 Trailer

As of May 2023, no trailer has been released. The fans have been eagerly waiting to see the trailer. It will be out 2-3 months before the 4th season releases. Meanwhile, have a look at the Dr Stone Season 3 Trailer. Once the trailer is released, we’ll update you since it can reveal many clues about the plotline.

Dr Stone Season 4 Cast

The cast hasn’t been announced. But the voice actors have remained constant since season 1. So it is likely that Dr Stone Season 4 will have the same voice actors for the lead characters. Moreover, fans won’t accept any change in the voice of their favourite characters. So the makers won’t risk making any changes.

Dr Stone Season 4 Story

The story will continue with the events that occurred at the end of the third season. The official plot is announced with the official update. We can anticipate many more adventures in the Kingdom of Science. The search to bring back humanity will strengthen. It will be interesting to see if the plan to rebuild the shattered civilization brings some success. The third season is focusing on the New World Arc.

Dr Stone Season 4 latest update
Dr Stone Season 3 started its run on April 6, 2023

Dr Stone Season 4 Budget

Right now, there has been no formal announcement about the budget for the fourth season. But this series is well known for its high budgets. The animation and special effects are top-notch due to the high investment. Looking at the budgets of the previous seasons, we expect Dr Stone’s Season 4 budget to be above $3 million.

We hope that fans will get to see season 4 of this series. Meanwhile, keep enjoying all the episodes of Dr Stone Season 3 on Netflix.