Drew Barrymore, as usual, keeps it real with us!

In a humorous video posted to her Instagram account, the talk show presenter recently claimed that she hadn’t shaved in three months.

The 48-year-old had a tense morning on Monday after her alarm in her Manhattan apartment went off while she was doing some self-care.

“You cannot make this stuff up,” Drew Barrymore says in her Instagram Reel as the alarm continues to blare loudly in the background. “I was overjoyed. After three months, I finally shaved, but the house alarm went off.”

View the Drew Barrymore video below:

While she speaks, she is standing in a towel with her hair in a messy bun – a standard appearance for any lady about to begin a full-body shave. Also, Drew Barrymore’s armpits still had Shaving foam coming out as she shook her head at the camera.

“Well, that bath is just about over,” the 50 First Dates actress says as she pans over her bathtub. I did manage to shave, albeit under extreme duress and panic, but I did it. So, house alarm, the joke’s on you.”

Along with the humorous video, the talk-show presenter expressed her optimism despite the slight inconvenience, stating in the caption, “You can’t make this stuff up!” Just a fleeting moment that I will not allow to get the best of me… Instead, I’ll laugh.”

The video has received thousands of views and comments from the 48-year-old’s followers, who shared their delight at the situation since it was posted yesterday.

Some of the responses


In an interview with InStyle, the Charlie’s Angels star revealed that she enjoys other forms of self-care more than taking a “f****** bubble bath.”

“Self-care and I are not friends,” she admitted to the publication. “I don’t shave my legs. I try to keep my nails short because I dislike having dirt under them. I aim to work out with my girls three times a week, and I generally make it two days a week, which is something.”

“Three days a week is the goal,” she continued. If I have time, I can work four days a week. It’s just that there isn’t enough time.”


Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore then acknowledged that her self-care consists of ensuring that her children are equipped and ready to go in the mornings.

“Self-care for me is having my kids’ stuff organized to get out the door in the morning, lined up. That’s self-care. It doesn’t seem like it, but it is, because this f****** bubble bath approach is so irritating,” she said, before adding: “That doesn’t bring me self-care or joy. Having my kids’ stuff in a system, lined up, their shoes and their jackets and their backpacks, that makes me feel like I won the morning.”

We don’t have a choice but to stan!