Dylan Mulvaney boldly disclosed in a video about dating as a new trans woman that she has never been “kissed as a girl.”

The Broadway actor became a TikTok sensation after documenting her transition path in a daily vlog dubbed ‘365 days of girlhood’ on the social media platform.

Her millions of followers enjoy the content creator’s often humorous and uplifting series, and many have praised Mulvaney for her candor in the video.

Mulvaney has become one of the app’s biggest stars after documenting her progress for over a year and has even developed a new series called ‘Dylan does dating’ on the beloved channel.

Like her 10.8 million followers, the content creator has had her fair share of poor dating luck and has been open about how difficult it is to date as a trans woman.

Dylan Mulvaney disclosed in the short clip that she’d never been kissed as a girl and made light of her often sweet and girly appearance.

Dylan Mulvaney’s Video

“Alright, this is getting out of hand; I need y’all to talk amongst yourselves and figure out who’s gonna take one for the team and kiss me, as I haven’t been kissed as a girl yet,” she joked, dressed entirely in PVC.

She said she ‘could be sexy’ and a ‘bad girl,’ pointing to her corseted top and intense eye makeup, before playfully slapping her bottom.

“But time is ticking, and I don’t know how long I’m going to look this good for,” she joked before revealing that she’d go on a date to the Cheesecake Factory if they watched Twilight with her.

Although the post was intended to be humorous, Mulvaney’s post struck a chord with many fans who have also failed to date in the real world.

Many people have commented on the now-viral video, stating they would happily date the star and sharing their dating experiences.

One adorable remark even advised the creator not to ‘rush’ after love.

Dylan Mulvaney

We’re confident you’ll discover your match soon, Dylan Mulvaney.

It’s not the first time the TikTok star has spoken out about her transitioning difficulties.

Last year, the 26-year-old posted photos of her visage after a painful facial feminization procedure.

The influencer’s face was visibly swollen after the operation, demonstrating the realities of life as a trans person, and the recovery took over six weeks.

It was all worth it, though, because Dylan Mulvaney was able to show off her stunning results in an epic reveal film dressed in incredible outfits.

The creator also performed similarly dramatically to commemorate her first year as a woman with a sensational live show.