This article previews Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 4 and may contain spoilers for previous episodes.


Perry Mason has been a literary and TV icon for the last century. However, the character received a prestige makeover on HBO in 2020, which brought a new backstory, tone, and format. The first season was well-received with a compelling season-long mystery, attractive period production, and an abundance of HBO’s trademark adults-only grit. Now, we are back for more in the anticipated sophomore outing.

Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

  • Perry managed to finesse protective custody for the Gallardo brothers after they found glass in their food. Still, the case judge didn’t treat the issue as remotely serious, which hardly bodes well for the outcome.
  • Trying to be a cool dad, Perry allowed his son to swerve his homework and see King Kong instead, leading to a sleepless night and more reading.
  • We saw a nastier side of Lydell McCutcheon when he maimed a man with the wheel of an oil derrick.
  • The number planted in Brooks’s wallet led to a sanatorium where we met Noreen Lawson, one of Brooks’s old flings who is now catatonic, presumably because of him.
  • Paul proved that the Gallardo brothers had the murder weapon, which wasn’t the outcome he was necessarily looking for.

Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date/Time

The latest episode of Perry Mason Season 2 will be released on HBO and HBO Max on Monday, March 27, at 9 pm ET.


Yes, there is a trailer available for Perry Mason Season 2. You can watch it here:

How many episodes will Perry Mason Season 2 have?

Perry Mason Season 2 will have eight episodes, as with the first season. The full release schedule can be found below:

Episode Date
Episode 1 March 6
Episode 2 March 13
Episode 3 March 20
Episode 4 March 27
Episode 5 April 3
Episode 6 April 10
Episode 7 April 17
Episode 8 April 24