Fans anticipate the lore-filled One Piece Chapter 1085, where Sabo’s flashback and Void Century revelations set the stage for an exciting chapter. The ongoing Reverie flashback will reveal crucial details about King Cobra, the Revolutionary Army’s escape, and its aftermath.

One Piece Chapter 1085: The Enigma of Queen Lili Unveiled

One Piece Chapter 1085

In the previous chapter, Queen Lili, a significant figure, was introduced. As the monarch of Arabasta during the Void Century, her choice not to become a Celestial Dragon and her subsequent disappearance intrigue Cobra.

One Piece 1085 will delve into this narrative thread, focusing on Cobra’s inquiries about the “D” individuals and Queen Lili’s letter. Imu’s sudden assumption of the Throne hints at their connection and knowledge about Queen Lili. The upcoming chapter promises revelations about her fate and their relationship.

One Piece Chapter 1085: Cobra’s Demise

One Piece Chapter 1085

In One Piece Chapter 1085, the fate of King Cobra and Sabo hangs in the balance. Imu’s appearance hints at revelations about Queen Lili and Cobra, while an assassination plot endangers Cobra’s life and others. Chaka and Pell’s protection of Vivi becomes crucial.

In Chapter 1085, Chaka and Pell may safeguard Vivi from the Cipher Pol, especially Lucci, who claims to be her guardian. Their intervention becomes necessary for Vivi’s escape. Surprisingly, Vivi joins forces with Wapol and Big News Morgans, assuming the role of Arabasta’s ruler after Cobra’s death. The upcoming chapter explores the consequences of Cobra’s demise and Vivi’s newfound leadership.

One Piece Chapter 1085: Sabo’s Daring Encounter in the Throne Room

One Piece Chapter 1085

In Chapter 1085, Sabo infiltrates the Throne Room with Cobra and Imu, aiming to rescue King Cobra. Despite the expectation of a failed attempt, Sabo catches a glimpse of Imu’s face, adding to the intrigue. The real challenge lies in Sabo’s escape from the formidable individuals, including Imu and the Five Elders.

In Chapter 1085, Sabo’s escape from these characters would be remarkable. The chapter will provide insights into his daring escape, potentially featuring a captivating moment with Imu. It is expected to conclude the Reverie arc, bringing closure to Sabo’s journey in the Holy Land of Marijoa and the Reverie events.

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