Recap of Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 8

Apple TV+’s “Extrapolations” season finale has left fans with mixed feelings. Although Diane Lane’s portrayal of Martha Russell in the episode is commendable, the show’s preachy storytelling has disappointed some viewers.

The episode revolves around Nicolas Bilton (played by John Ortiz), who is about to be arrested for ecocide. Martha Russell is appointed as the acting president of Alpha Industries. In her meeting with investors, she notes that Alpha is down 17%, and carbon in the atmosphere has reached 564 million parts per million.

Rebecca (played by Letitia Wright) is called to testify against Bilton at his tribunal. She worked for Menagerie2100 and testified that Bilton intentionally gathered genetic IPs on mammals and killed off specific species to be used as entertainment viewing platforms or brought back in limited quantities. Bilton’s lawyer argues that Rebecca holds a grudge against him for wiping his memory of her and her son.

Jonathan Chopin (played by Aaron Pierre) is called to testify on the Newcomen project, a carbon filter project initiated by Bilton. He swears that Bilton intentionally raised carbon levels because it made him money. Still, it also benefited the future because he would invent the machine to fix the problem he profited from.

Martha Russell is revealed to be the mole at Alpha Industries and is feeding information to the prosecution. She owns 51% of the patent for the Newcomen machine named Decima after her daughter. Bilton owns 49% and has a controlling interest in the device. Decima watches the trial on television and turns on her father.

During Bilton’s summation, he blames political leaders, older generations, and the current human race for climate change. He also promises that his machine will reduce carbon in the air to 470. He is voted not guilty by a two-to-one vote.

Ending Explained

Decima testifies against her father because he refuses to drop the carbon to 350 parts per million and use her as intellectual property. She uses herself as evidence of his crimes and connection to the original Newcomen/Decima machine. Bilton is convicted of crimes against nature and placed in an outer space prison floating above the Earth.


What is Extrapolations?

“Extrapolations” is an Apple TV+ series that explores the consequences of climate change in the year 2070.

Who stars in Extrapolations?

The series stars John Ortiz, Nicole Beharie, and Letitia Wright.

What is ecocide?

Ecocide is destroying large areas of the natural environment due to human activity. In “Extrapolations,” Nicolas Bilton is arrested for ecocide.

What is the Newcomen project?

The Newcomen project is a carbon filter initiated by Nicolas Bilton in “Extrapolations.” The project is named after Thomas Newcomen, who invented the first practical steam engine in 1712.