Brad Pitt Gets Green Light to Compete Against Lewis Hamilton in F1 British Grand Prix

Brad Pitt, the 59-year-old Hollywood superstar, has reportedly been granted special permission to race against Lewis Hamilton in the upcoming British Grand Prix this summer. The race is part of filming a new F1 Apple movie that Pitt is starring in alongside Damson Idris.

The Sun reported that Pitt would get behind the wheel of a racecar to compete against Hamilton in the first lap of the event. Hamilton, an executive producer on the movie, will also be racing his own car.

Special Permission Granted to Film the Movie During the First Lap of the Race

The movie’s producers were granted special permission to film during the first lap of the race to capture footage of Pitt and Hamilton competing against each other.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali recently spoke about the race footage that will happen during the event, saying, “It will be the first movie where they will be within the racing event. It will be quite invasive in terms of production, but it will be another way of showing that F1 never stops.”

Hamilton Hypes Up the Movie

Lewis Hamilton has expressed his excitement for the upcoming F1 Apple movie and is confident it will succeed. He said, “I have such high hopes for it. I know we’re going to make the best racing movie that’s ever existed, both visually, and we’re going to work on making sure we pull on the heartstrings of all those fans.”

British Grand Prix Scheduled for July 7-9 at Silverstone

The British Grand Prix weekend is scheduled from July 7-9 at Silverstone. It is expected to draw a large crowd of F1 fans eager to see their favorite drivers compete on the track.


What is the F1 Apple movie?

The F1 Apple movie is an upcoming film that will star Brad Pitt and Damson Idris. The movie will be filmed during the British Grand Prix and is expected to be a significant hit among F1 fans.

When will Brad Pitt race against Lewis Hamilton?

Brad Pitt will race against Lewis Hamilton during the first lap of the British Grand Prix, scheduled from July 7-9 at Silverstone.

What is Lewis Hamilton’s role in the F1 Apple movie?

Lewis Hamilton is an executive producer on the F1 Apple movie and will also be racing his car during the British Grand Prix.

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