The Bird Reich

In the latest episode of “Family Guy,” titled “The Bird Reich,” Brian is seen rapping out a new story he is writing. He gladly informs Stewie that he is two months sober and is self-publishing a new book, “Chasing My Tale.”

Brian’s Book Reading Event

Brian asks Stewie to join the book reading event, where the dog plans to read from his book and give away signed copies. Stewie reluctantly attends the event and finds himself bored to death, like everybody else.

Stewie Throws Away Brian’s Book

Later, while in the garden with Chris, Brian discovers Stewie’s copy of his new book in the dustbin. An angry Brian confronts Stewie, but as usual, the little guy diverts the conversation to something sexual. Brian leaves confused. Through the ring camera, Brian learns that Stewie threw his book. Stewie tells Brian that he doesn’t want to check out his book, leaving Brian highly upset.

Peter and the Nazi Parrot

At the Clam, Peter and the guys discover that their parrot is a Nazi parrot, having been owned by Adolf Hitler in 1942. Having learned this, Lois demands the bird be handed to animal control. Of course, Peter doesn’t agree.

Brian’s Depression and Stewie’s Intervention

A disappointed Brian tells Stewie that he is getting rid of his laptop because he won’t be writing anymore – and Stewie is the man responsible. Brian falls back into his old alcoholic life with nothing to do. Stewie and Chris cheer up Brian by making it look like his book is good.

The Parrot’s Secret

The guys from animal control are out to catch the parrot, and Peter, in panic, runs to Rabi, who he asks for help. Peter is told that the parrot is Jewish and pretends to be a Nazi to survive the war. Shortly afterward, the parrot dies in an insane accident. Back home, Stewie makes Brian understand that his indifference toward his work resulted from his failure and inadequacy. Understanding each other’s stance, the two share a hug.

The Episode Review

Overall, the episode has its moments. Brian’s depressed state, reminiscent of a hustler, is fun to watch. And Stewie, as usual, adds the excellent ruckus to the bit. However, the Peter and Parrot combo isn’t all that impressive. It made it feel like a script written in a rush, so hopefully, the episodes ahead remedy that and deliver some good subplots.


Q: When did the episode “The Bird Reich” air?

A: The episode aired as part of season 21 of Family Guy. The specific air date for “The Bird Reich” may vary depending on your location and broadcast provider.

Q: Who are the main characters in Family Guy?

A: The main characters in Family Guy include Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, their children Chris, Meg, and Stewie, and their talking pet dog, Brian.

Q: What is the overall plot of Family Guy?

A: Family Guy is a comedic animated TV show that follows the daily lives of the Griffin family and their eccentric friends and neighbors in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island.

Q: Is Family Guy appropriate for children to watch?

A: Family Guy is rated TV-14, meaning it is recommended for viewers over the age of 14 due to its adult content, language, and themes. Parents should use their discretion in deciding if the show is appropriate for their children to watch.

Q: Where can I watch Family Guy online?

A: Family Guy can stream on various online platforms, including Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Fox’s official website.