Fisher Price is in news now. And it’s important for all you parents of infants to take a note of. Fisher Price is warning its customers for one of its products.

Moreover, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is also raising warnings for the same product. This is because this item has been linked with the deaths.

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Almost 10 infants have died because of this product since 2015. Find out which Fisher Price product is this. Also, that is your kid safe using all those products?

Fisher Price raises alerts – The product and the deaths linked to it

Fisher Price has released a warning on the 5th of April 2019. This is for a product, Newborn Rock N’ Play Sleeper. According to the company, there have been 10 deaths because of this product since 2015.

Alert Issued For Fisher-Price Baby Sleeper Following Reports Of Infant Deaths
Fisher Price raise warnings for its product
Source: RTV 6

The deaths happened because infants rolled over in this Play Sleeper. The rolling was from back to stomach or even side. The Play Sleeper was unrestrained and it caused death.

The infants who lost their lives were either 3 months or older.

Because of this, CPSC is asking people to stop the usage of this product. However, this is for infants above 3 months.

Moreover, also for infants who have started rolling or exhibit behaviors. Therefore, parents of infants who do not fall in these two categories can use it.

How to ensure safety of your infant?

Fisher Price along with CPSC is issuing reminders for their consumers. This is related to how the infant products are to be used.

Alert Issued For Fisher-Price Baby Sleeper Following Reports Of Infant Deaths
Is your baby safe?
Source: CBS News

Please take note of these. Because the safety of your baby is a priority. The first and most important one is to ensure that your baby sleeps on their backs.

It is for all the infant products and not only for Play Sleepers. Because of this, the parents must stop using these when baby starts rolling. Moreover, also when it shows rolling behaviors.

Also take care that the infant products are clear of pillows, blankets or stuffed toys. This is inclusive of any item.

The baby products that require this handling are cribs, bassinets, play yards. Moreover, inclined sleepers are also a part of the list.