Plot Summary

Furies (aka Thanh Soi) is a 2023 Vietnamese movie on Netflix featuring an all-female group of vigilantes – Jacqueline, Thanh, Hong, and Bi – on a mission to bring down corrupt and influential men in the city who take advantage of women. The group targets the “Big 4,” responsible for running brothels and a sex trafficking ring. As they try to dismantle the Big 4’s business and take down their leader, Hai the Mad Dog, secrets are revealed that put the women against each other.

Who are the Big 4, and why are they targeted?

The Big 4 are powerful men responsible for running brothels and a sex trafficking ring, including Hai the Mad Dog, Son Lai, Long, and Teo. The group smuggles drugs and takes part in human trafficking. The women target them as they are responsible for hundreds of girls being kidnapped and trafficked. However, Jacqueline also targets them for revenge, as they are responsible for her family’s murder.

Jacqueline’s Plan for the Big 4

Jacqueline plans to take down the Big four by attacking them during a drug and girls shipment. With the help of Long, who is dating Hong, the group manages to infiltrate an ice factory and free the girls. Jacqueline orders Thanh to steal a briefcase of drugs, and Hong burns down the ice factory. Later, they plan to take down Hai, who often visits the New Century Club with his bodyguards. The girls disguise themselves and attack, but Hai fends them off and runs away. Son and his men chase after them, leading to a tragic event that puts the women against each other.

Jacqueline’s Reason for Revenge

From the movie’s beginning, it is hinted that something terrible has happened to Jacqueline, and she needs pills to stay alive. It is later revealed that Hai killed Jacqueline’s family, including her husband and son, for their territory. Long helped Jacqueline fake her death, and she now seeks revenge for her family’s murder. She also wants Hai’s territories.

Why Does Bi Get Angry at Jacqueline?

When Bi and Hong keep Hai company, they overhear him saying that he killed Jacqueline’s family. Jacqueline indirectly gets Hong killed, which makes Bi furious. Bi believes that Jacqueline uses them for her revenge and false ideals.

“Since Hong died for Jacqueline’s false ideals and the woman has been using the three girls for her revenge, an angry…”

In summary, Furies is an action-packed movie with an exciting plot featuring an all-female vigilante group. The film delivers a powerful message about taking a stand against corrupt and powerful men who exploit women. However, it also highlights the consequences of seeking revenge and how it can put those close to you at risk.