Last week, when Chef Gordon Ramsay made a rare appearance on The View, the hosts made him angry, and he stormed off the set in an unholy rage. Since then, the situation has gotten worse.

As usual, and as anyone who has seen Gordon Ramsay’s shows knows, he’s not going to take it lying down. He is really leading the charge in Hollywood and the rest of America to get rid of The View for good.

I want that f**cking show off,

he blew up at our crack reporter Joe Barron.

I want it gone and f**cked off properly. That cow Goldberg can get a job at one of your Walmarts, saying hello when people walk in the bloody door.

That’s a lot of worry from the most popular English chef in the United States. Gordon Ramsay kept talking and told his audience that the show wasn’t very good and that the hosts weren’t qualified.

They’re a field of bloody dumb donkeys, is what they are. You know, I’ve never met anyone who’s opinions and thoughts I’ve cared about less.

Whoopi Goldberg had a short answer to Ramsay’s outburst and explanation.

Tell him to put more extras in the seats for ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ so that it looks real, and stop all the blatant fakery on Hell’s Kitchen. I mean, it’s funny how he makes it a competition to get those black shirts, even though the winner’s name is already printed on one.

Ramsay’s answer to Goldberg was too rude for a family page. But it sounds the same as “duck stew.”


This post is satire and should be treated as such.