Gotham Knights episode 2 is about to premiere on the CW Network. Season one of Gotham Knights has kicked off with a new thrill that hasn’t been seen in other web shows. Fans eagerly await the second episode, “Scene of the Crime.”

Gotham Knights Season 1 Episode 2 Watch Online, Release Date, Preview, Cast, and More
Misha Collins

Gotham Knights Episode 2 Release Date and Time

Episode 2 of Gotham Knights will be airing on the CW Network on March 21st. The episode is titled “Scene of the Crime,” which hints that the episode is all about crime. Episode 2 will air at 9 PM in the USA, and the timing may vary for different countries of the world.

What to Expect from Gotham Knights Episode 2?

The upcoming episode of Gotham Knights season one has already got a new trailer on YouTube. In the episode 2 trailer, we learn that various characters of the show, including Duela, Cullen, Carrie, Turner, and Harper, are trying to prove their innocence.

All 5 of these characters are accused of Bruce Wayne’s (aka Batman) murder. However, that is not the truth. We get to know this later in the episode. We will also get to know about the secret organization “Court of Owls, which is running Gotham city and has something to do with Batman’s demise.

At the end of the episode, Stephanie Brown, the best friend of Turner, will get interrogated. More will be revealed once the episode airs on The CW.

Gotham Knights Season 1 Episode 2 Watch Online, Release Date, Preview, Cast, and More
Olivia Rose Keegan

Who is in Gotham Knights Episode 2? The Cast & Crew

Gotham Knights episode two will feature the same cast as episode 1, which includes Oscar Morgan playing the lead role, Turner.

Apart from that, there is Olivia Rose Keegan, who is playing Duela. Tyler is playing Cullent, Fallon as Harper, and Navia as Carrie. Also, there is Misha Collins as Harvey in the lead supporting role.

Where to Watch Gotham Knights Season 2 Episode 2 Online?

The Gotham Knights episode will premiere on The CW Network on the 21st of March at 9 PM in the States. You will need to subscribe to the CW Network in order to access the Gotham Knights and other content on the platform.