Gotham Knights episode 4 is one of the highly anticipated episodes of the series, which will take a deep dive into the story. The series has not been so popular among the audience. However, the latest installment will likely raise the series’ bar.

The Gotham Knights episode 4 will bring drama as well as excitement to the storyline of the series.

Gotham Knights, Episode 4, Release Date, Preview, Spoilers, Recap, Watch Online - Fallon Smythe
Gotham Knights Actor Fallon Smythe

When Gotham Knights Episode 4 is Airing on The CW?

Episode 4 of the popular action and drama series will premiere on the first week of the next month, April 4th. The show will air at different times for different time zones.

  • Indian Standard Time: 5th April 6:30 AM
  • British Standard Time: 5th April 2 AM
  • Australian Standard Time: 4th April 9 PM
  • Pacific Time: 4th April 6 PM
  • Central Time: 4th April 8 PM
  • Japan Standard Time: 5th April 10 AM
  • Korean Standard Time: 5th April 10 AM

There are a total of 6 days remaining for episode 4 to premiere on The CW Network.

Gotham Knights, Episode 4, Release Date, Preview, Spoilers, Recap, Watch Online - Anna Lore from Gotham Knights
Anna Lore from the series

Are There Any Spoilers Out for the Gotham Knights Episode 4?

No, there are no spoilers out for episode 4. However, there is still time, and spoilers are expected to be out soon. The latest installment will get the fans some drama as well as excitement, as per the speculation.

What Happened in the Gotham Knights Episode 3?

The last episode of Gotham Knights was a long one in the series. In the episode, Mayor Hamilton Hill forms his own task force to search for Batcave under Wayne Manor.

While he is searching for the Batcave, Turner, along with his friends, is planning to investigate the person who framed them at the crime scene.

While Turner is busy with his friends doing this, Stephine is being questioned by Duela and Harvey as she runs away from Talon. In the later part, we saw that Robin, with Cullen, Harper, and Turner, goes to safe points when the alarm goes off.

Where to Watch Gotham Knights Episode 4 Online?

Gotham Knights season 1 is available to watch on The CW Network. You will need a subscription to The CW to watch the show online.