The Government Shutdown 2019 is turning out to be the longest shutdown of the government ever. It has been almost a month of Government Shutdown 2019. After such a long span of the inappropriate working of the government due to shut down, the effects it has roused are bound to become apparent.

The deadline for the funding of a part of the government was on the 21st of December 2018. The date, however, has long gone as it was caught by the Government Shutdown 2019.

The departments that were supposed to garner a round of funding on the 21st of December includes the State Department, the Justice Department along with the Transportation Department and the Agriculture Department.

The Shutdown of the government is still resuming.
The Governmental Shutdown is still resuming. Credits: Kind House

Department of Interior is also a part of the list of Department who were to garner their funds on 21st of December.

However, the other agencies of the government have been funded completely. This includes the Department of Health and Human Services. These departments will, therefore, be able to continue with their work and won’t be affected by the Government Shutdown 2019.

The big question that arises here is that what will happen to the functioning of those Departments who could not garner their funds because of the Government Shutdown 2019.

Well, that’s why we are with a list of things that will and will not get impacted by the Partial Government.

Government Shutdown 2019
What all will be impacted because of the Shutdown 2019 Source: The Washington Post

Government Shutdown 2019: What’s still running?

As about three fourth of the government has already been funded by the existing bills, there are several services that will continue to be in operation, unaffected by Government Shutdown 2019.

Government Shutdown 2019: Impact on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran Hospitals and benefits

Government Shutdown 2019 is not bound to impact to affect the operations of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

This is because their programs fall under the “mandatory spending” section of the spending of the government. Thus the operations of these will continue uninterrupted.

Government Shutdown 2019
Who all will be impacted?
Source: CNBC

Taking into consideration the operations of the Department of Veterans Affairs, it has already secured its funds.

Therefore the veteran hospitals will continue to maintain its routine operations irrespective of Shutdown 2019.

Government Shutdown 2019: Impact on USPS and Food Stamps

The post offices will remain operational and the deliveries of the mail will continue irrespective of Partial Shutdown 2019. This is because USPS is funded by an independent source of revenue.

The subsidized lunches, as well as the food stamps, will also not be affected by the Government Shutdown 2019. But this is only for short term. This entirely depends upon how long the Partial Government 2019 lasts.

Its new funds have not been approved as yet and the USDA will only be able to continue its operations until February as of now.

Government Shutdown 2019: Impact on the Military, Border Patrol, Air Traffic Control and TSA.

Government Shutdown still resumes.
Congress members join furloughed Federal employee in Northwest protesting the government shutdown. Credits: Michael A. McCoy

According to the contingency plan for the Department of Homeland Security, the active duty members of the military are exempted from Partial Shutdown 2019 and thus remain unaffected.

The Border Security is at the heart of the shutdown fight. In the face of Government Shutdown 2019, much of the staffing of the Border Patrol will remain intact because it is classified as an “essential service.”

Similarly, the Air Traffic Controllers are deemed as “essential” and thus will continue to work even in Shutdown 2019.

The Transportation Security Administration agents are also considered “essential.” Hence they won’t face disruptions because of the partial Shutdown 2019.

Government Shutdown 2019
Effects of Shutdown of the Government. 2019
Source: Vox

Government Shutdown 2019: What all will be affected?

The effect of the Partial Government will be most apparent on the National Parks, Museums, and National Zoos. They are accessible to the visitors but have limited staffing and closed facilities.

The IRS has also given indications that it will furlough a part of its workers. This, in turn, will affect the tax season and will cause delays in the filings for the year.