Halle Berry teased followers on Saturday by posting a fresh photo of herself without a single piece of clothing on Instagram.

The actress, who shared a similar carefree photo last week, posed on a balcony while sipping a glass of wine.

The mother-of-two flaunted her famed curves while being modest by artfully covering her bits.

‘I do what I wanna do,’ the Oscar winner stated to her 8.3 million fans in the caption.

The director greeted her fans with a ‘good Saturday’ with a red lip kiss emoji.

Halle Berry in Balcony.

Halle Berry

Berry leaned against the railing of a beautiful terrace filled with green plants.

Sunlight spilled over her as she took a taste of what appeared to be white wine.

Her golden curls cascaded around her, cascading over one side of her chest and framing her face with fluffy fringe.

The tweet has received over 300,000 likes from her ardent followers, including actress and singer Halle Bailey.

The Little Mermaid star also commented with a clapping hands emoji.

‘Looks like a cover from a romantic story, one where a woman fell in love with herself totally,’ one follower said of the photo.

Last weekend, the actress shared a similar photo in which she modeled a black string bikini that exposed her cleavage.

The mother-of-two reclined against a glass divider on a balcony overlooking the ocean.

She wrote in that caption, ‘Keeping my spirits up,’ as she clutched a champagne flute.

Berry was also present on Instagram on Friday, April 7, as she began her weekly fitness series.