Some of you might remember the 36-year-old Hayley Vernon from season seven of the hit reality show, “Married At First Sight.”

Since then, she has made quite a name for herself in the adult segment and made a good fortune.

Hayley Vernon says that since she started posting on OnlyFans in August 2020, she has made more than AUD $1.3 million.

And now, following her huge success on the subscription platform, the model says she’s going to the United States to work with Brazzers.

Hayley Vernon, "Married At First Sight" Star, Signs Deal With Brazzers

Hayley Vernon told Yahoo Lifestyle that the studio had reached out to her and that she was interested in some opportunities.

She told the outlet:

I have had opportunities to go to the US to film with Brazzers and to film with international pornographic companies, which I’m going to be doing at the end of this year.

Following the events on the reality series, Hayley Vernon claims that people were no longer taking her job as a finance broker seriously.

She said that the show put a “full stop” to everything she had worked for over the past decade.

I found in a professional realm, I wasn’t being able to be taken seriously anymore,

she said.

Hayley Vernon, "Married At First Sight" Star, Signs Deal With Brazzers

What happened in our season was two weeks after it went to air, lockdown happened. So we didn’t do the club appearances and we didn’t have an opportunity to make money.

And an influencer said to me, ‘Why don’t you try OnlyFans?’ And I’ll be honest with you, I was on the wines and I was like, I”m gonna make a page, put it out there’.

The amount of money that hit my bank within 24 hours was more than I could have ever imagined would have come through.

Hayley Vernon, "Married At First Sight" Star, Signs Deal With Brazzers

And since then, it’s safe to say she hasn’t looked back.

Vernon said that she has helped her family with her newfound wealth.

I’ve bought a house, I own my car,

she went on.

The most important thing to me out of this is like, the financial gain has been incredible, but being able to help those around me that supported me for the majority of my life has been the best thing out of it.

So to help my old man, to help everyone, it’s really nice to give back. And that’s what I’ve liked the most out of it.