Is Superman extremely shy? According to FandomWire, Henry Cavill hesitated to film some of The Witcher’s nude sequences. The actor refused when requested to do s*x sequences that did not fit the tale.

It was rumored last year that Henry Cavill would be leaving Netflix’s The Witcher due to issues about how faithful the series was to the original material. However, the revelation that showrunner Lauren Hissrich forced Cavill to perform intimate scenes with which he was uncomfortable may have also contributed to the actor’s departure.

The scenes in question were between Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, the titular Witcher, and costar Anya Chalotra who plays Yennefer. Cavill objected to the s*x scenes on the basis that Geralt and Yennefer didn’t really have that kind of relationship. “We wanted it to be emotional rather than s*xual.” said the Enola Holmes star. “It was really, really important, and we had to lean away from what was originally on the page.”

Meanwhile, Chalotra wanted to rehearse the intimate scenes ahead of time, which was another major turnoff for Cavill. The Superman actor believes that if a s*x scene is required, it should be mostly improvised. “When you rehearse, it takes some of the magic out of the moments,” Henry Cavill acknowledged when discussing shooting s*x scenes on The Witcher.

Hissrich, for her part, claims to agree with Cavill, despite the script stating otherwise completely. In a recent interview, the showrunner stated that she does not consider naked scenes to be a significant aspect of The Witcher. Hissrich even said that employing such sequences was “cheap.”

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill


Since his departure was announced, fans have theorized why Henry Cavill quit The Witcher. While superfluous s*x scenes played a role, they aren’t the main reason Henry calls it quits after three seasons.

One popular fan idea was that Henry Cavill was quitting The Witcher to reprise his role as Superman, which has since been discredited. Thoroughly and openly. Another common belief was that Cavill, a self-proclaimed nerd, wanted The Witcher to be more like the literature and video games on which it was based. Another assumption was that the star was exhausted from working internationally and maintaining the grueling schedule required by The Witcher.

While all of the aforementioned factors may have contributed to the star’s departure from the Netflix series (save for the Superman issue), some allege the star was dismissed. According to an anonymous transcript purportedly from someone who worked on the series, Henry Cavill was fired from The Witcher for creating a terrible work atmosphere. According to the memo, Cavill was “impossible” to deal with and treated the women engaged in the production with disrespect.

Whatever the reason for Henry’s departure from the Netflix original series, the nerdy actor should be more at home on the Warhammer 40K series he is now developing. It remains to be seen whether his absence will impact Season 4 viewership. Will subscribers flip a coin for a Witcher without Henry Cavill? The only way to know is to wait and see.