“Shopping at IKEA is a bit different than your shopping at everyday retail. It is about experiencing solutions first hand and getting to know ideas and inspirations that can fit perfectly into your home.”

It’s a truly excellent place filled with fairly priced, harmless-looking flat packs that can be apparently built into amazing pieces with ease.  Interestingly, buying in the store seems to grind many people up the wicked way, couples in particular.

Some experienced people have shared their precious moments with Ikea.

Christie spent a day well there.

a day i ikea


Is that a door you find in 7 mins. Lol


What did you expect while shopping? Coz, I think this one doesn’t look happy with it. RUN



A couple of couple goals. Lol, Shocked.


I mean only Ikea can present this opportunity. Grab it!


Always check the size before shopping anything

actual size

You should know how to make a chair before sitting. Have some manners when you come to IKEA.

actual size

Expand your brain to accept the talent and special skills.


Did you find what to buy or exit door? Coz both are the only way to escape.


The world is full of surprises, and most of them are at IKEA.


Oh my god! Literally this scared the shit outta me. Lol


Just some usual decorating

decoratie ikea

Names or memes. No one would make fun, we are enough for ourselves.

meme ikea


Everything is said and done already.

sweedich plywood

   Maybe this is the only way to learn about all the joining. If you know what I mean.

ikea job interview

May you find your ways out as soon as possible!

ikea the maze

Forget it!


Every trick will be backfired. Somebody lost his patience.

options from ikea

Dimension baby! Try again if you wanna sit.


So close to perfection like IKEA.

so close

Some more tweets, just a few praiseworthy experiences.

Ikea tweet  Ikea

Dreamland IKEA!


Which one is for use.

for display

Not another one Lauren! It is already your third divorce because of IKEA.


Just one more try and you are done, maybe with your life!

try again

Ikea itself suggested this.

did not fit in

With a bigger smile.

smile please

One for every hour. Cool ikea


It was better before.


We will find solutions one day.

tweet  one more to fit in

Just one question though. Where is the exit door?