A Hooters waitress has revealed how she exacts her vengeance on creepy clients.

The name of the American restaurant chain is a play on a North American slang word for women’s breasts as well as the business logo, a hooting owl.

Hooters is well-known for its risqué barman attire, which can sometimes draw unwanted attention.

Now, social media users are praising a waitress for posting a film of herself exacting vengeance on customers.

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Server Lydia Warner used TikTok to expose a group of men she says were photographing her without her permission.

In the video, she claims that two males were photographing her before switching the camera around to reveal their faces.

She claims: “This guy wants to come into Hooters and just take pictures of girls without asking.

“Well, I’m going to make you uncomfortable too. We all uncomfortable now.”

She adds: “Yeah my flash on. We all uncomfortable now.”

The men initially look at each other and whisper before returning to the camera.

One appears sheepish, while the other peers blankly at the waitress.

She captions the photo, “Now everyone feels weird,” and includes the hashtags “Do Better” and “Public Shame.”

The footage has now been viewed over three million times, with many social media users praising the waitress for how she handled the situation.

Hooters Waitress

Hooters Waitress

One person writes: “That’s my girl.

Another adds: “Why he scared now lol.”

While a third user says that ‘the boys got your back on this too’.

A fourth writes: “I support this! We should start doing this way more! Especially in the gym or at your place of work.

“Get up close and personal and let them know.”

Another TikToker thought the use of the strobe was especially clever.

Someone who appears to be able to connect to the waitress says, “Girl, yes! I was there for ten years! “Make them public!”

However, not everyone agrees, with some criticizing the waitress in the comments area.


Now everyone feels weird #dobetter #hooters #publicshame

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According to one person, the men “don’t need permission to take pictures.”

Another adds: “That’s life in the age of social media.”

“Men are getting blasted in gyms and restaurants a lot now. It won’t be long until they just stop going,” comments a third.