Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the royal premiere of Top Gun: Maverick in May 2022. The British tabloids mentioned a short conversation that took place between the Duchess of Cambridge and the movie star on the red carpet. When Cruise grabbed Kate’s hand, it looked like he was breaking royal protocol, but her quick, graceful response kept Cruise out of the “Danger Zone.”

Here's How Kate Middleton Reacted to Tom Cruise "Breaking" a Certain Royal Protocol


The premiere of Top Gun: Maverick was attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton.

On Thursday, May 19, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went to London’s Leicester Square to see the premiere of the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. As the couple walked down the red carpet into the event, Cruise greeted them and introduced them to some of the members of the cast and crew before leading them into the screening room.

The British press covered the brief moment when Cruise was chivalrous and offered Kate his hand to help her up the steps. She was wearing a body-hugging Roland Mouret dress and Prada heels, which made it hard for her to go up and down the small stairs, so she graciously accepted the help.

But this short scene made people wonder if Cruise was “allowed” to touch a member of the royal family.


Kate Middleton was quick to react to a royal protocol being broken by Tom Cruise.

It’s been said for a long time that you can’t touch a member of the royal family. And Hello! Magazine says that it’s a well-known rule that you can only take the Queen’s hand if she offers it to you.

As for the duchess, she may have heard this rumor or thought it was proper not to touch royals. After Cruise helped her up the stairs, she was quick to react.

After the sweet moment, Cruise let go of Kate Middleton’s hand, and she moved her clutch purse into the hand he had been holding. As soon as they got to the next set of stairs, Cruise couldn’t grab her hand again. Kate handled the situation with such grace and style that it was hard to tell how she felt about what she thought was Cruise’s mistake.


The rules for touching a royal family member.

Omid Scobie, the editor of Yahoo! Royal, says that there are many royal rules and traditions, but there are no “official rules” about how to touch a member of the royal family.

It’s more down to what’s acceptable in society or not,

Scobie explained.

I think there are a lot of things that are perceived as royal etiquette or royal protocol that we assume might be the case but aren’t actually.

Scobie also said that Kate wouldn’t have given Cruise her hand if she didn’t like what he was doing.

It could have been far worse,

Scobie says.

The worst would be for her to trip downstairs at a royal film premiere.

In the end, the royal editor said that the rules of the royal family are all about common sense. It’s fine to help someone up the stairs by holding their hand. But running up to William or Kate and giving them a hug would have been “inappropriate.”