People are absolutely astounded after witnessing how much food and drink can cost at Coachella.

The renowned music festival began over the weekend (14 April) and is causing quite a stir online for reasons other than the on-stage performances.

Coachella has been chastised for the exorbitant prices of numerous food and drink goods served during the festival. Look at this:

The festival has a jam-packed lineup of some of today’s top music acts.

From Rosalia and Bad Bunny to Charli XCX and Gorillaz, it’s no surprise that tickets for the event’s inaugural weekend were completely sold out.

Weekend two regular admission tickets are presently on sale for $549 on the Coachella website, with VIP tickets costing a tiny fortune of $1,069.

The outrageous price labels of food and drink are now becoming viral on social media, so the excessive prices don’t end at the entrance.


According to one festivalgoer, Jackie Tanti took to TikTok to show how much she got for her money during the first weekend of the event.

Be warned: it’s not much.

She showed her 17.8k followers a snapshot of her festival picnic, which included only four items.

“Just so you all know, the two coffees and these two burritos cost us $64. Capitalism really popped off today,” Jackie said.

While acknowledging that the dinner was ‘really pretty nice,’ it is evident that it was not worth more than $60.

Jackie captioned the video, “The s***iest part of Coachella.”

It’s safe to assume that the price breakdown did not go down well, with over 2.7 million people watching the video within a day of its release.

One TikTok user wrote: “That ‘burrito’ is 50% tortilla.”

“My jaw dropped,” posted a second, while a third revealed: “I gasped.”

Others, however, took it upon themselves to rate the high-end grub and offer their two cents on the matter.

“Omg what!? Thats like a $16 coffee! It better have been the best coffee of your LIFE!!,” commented one totally baffled viewer.

One caffeine critic posted: “The coffees look rough ngl.”

“The coffees look watery and bitter too,” echoed another.

A final TikTok user admitted: “I think I’d be in debt for the rest of my life if I went to Coachella for a weekend.”

And it’s evident that Jackie’s experiences were not unique, as the event has already earned a reputation for its high-priced offerings.

When it comes to spending money at the festival, festival attendees should absolutely consider budgeting for food and drink.

A fried chicken sandwich will normally cost roughly $17, a grilled cheese will cost $16, and sides like onion rings or crinkle-cut fries will cost between $12 and $14, according to the Groove Cartel.

It doesn’t end there.

A Redbull and vodka will set you back $20, while an oat milk latte might cost up to $15.