NFL Sunday Ticket is going to have a watershed change this season. To begin with, there won’t be any Tom Brady this season. Well, jokes apart, the real change is that the NFL Sunday Ticket is moving to YouTube & YouTube TV instead of remaining on DirecTV.

NFL Sunday Ticket is moving to YouTube & YouTube TV
NFL Sunday Ticket is moving to YouTube & YouTube TV

That’s significant for a few reasons. It will open up NFL Sunday Ticket to a much wider audience because it won’t be restricted to satellite TV, allowing you to watch pretty much every NFL game you’d like every week.

NFL Sunday Ticket 2023 buying guide

NFL Sunday Ticket 2023 buying guide
NFL Sunday Ticket 2023 buying guide

Again, to be clear, there are two ways you can sign up for the ticket.

YouTube TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket: This is the whole smash. In addition to the nearby broadcast channels and unlimited recording, you receive about 100 linear channels. You will also receive the ticket.
YouTube’s NFL Sunday Ticket: You can subscribe directly on YouTube. (YouTube Primetime Channels is another name for this.) N0 is a more linear channel with no channels for broadcasting and merely YouTube.

The NFL RedZone, which is essentially a channel that broadcasts live scoring tries as they happen, will still be an additional way to receive the entry but it will cost extra. It is accessible on YouTube and YouTube TV. Additionally, it’s a component of the $11 on a monthly Sports Plus extension.

 NFL Sunday Ticket won't be restricted to satellite TV now
NFL Sunday Ticket won’t be restricted to satellite TV now
  • Price- The cost of indeed high. That is intentional. Still, a complete season costs hundreds of dollars. The plus side is that you can receive a $100 discount if you join up for the season of 2023 before July 6.
    A season subscription to YouTube TV will set you back $349, or $389 assuming you are interested in NFL RedZone.
    A season membership to YouTube Primetime Channels is $449 for regular programming and $489 with NFL RedZone.
  • Availability- The YouTube Television account settings now include an add-on for NFL Sunday Ticket. The season doesn’t begin until autumn.
  • Refunds allowed?- Nope, refunds are not allowed. Once you purchase it, you own it. Refunds or cancellations are not permitted.
  • Renewal- The subscription to YouTube TV is only valid for the current season. Since there is no automatic renewal, you will need to reapply for the 2024–25 season. However, if you sign up through YouTube Primetime Channels, the ticket will continue to be renewed until you decide to stop. Although strange and inconvenient, such is the current situation. You have been forewarned.