Entertainment giant, Hulu announced an exciting range of shows on May 1, 2019. Marvel’s Ghost Rider has managed to turn heads. Marvel’s Helstorm is on the list too. But the one with all the hype and galore is the Ghost with his skull on fire.

Following the announcement, Randy Freer, CEO Hulu, said the company is foraying into a different territory with Marvel studio. Fans will experience a journey of a lifetime with the Spartans coming together to the Marvel audience.

After loads of praise and love from its fans, Ghost Rider is back. The superhero with his skull on fire will once again roam around in search of people who harm innocent people. The God or the Ghost of Justice will go the extra mile to uproot all the evils from the society.

According to Freer, these two upcoming series are aligned with four animated series and an animated special. Other than that, Modok, Hit-Monkey, Tigra and Dazzler, and Howard the Duck are a few of the animated series in the pipeline. However, the excitement around Marvel’s Ghost Rider is maddening. Let’s dig deeper, shall we?

Who is the Ghost Rider?

Who is the Ghost Rider?

A lot of characters play the role of the hero throughout history. Ghost Rider is no different. Jonathon Barton or Johny Blaze was played by Nicolas Cage in 2007 flick, Ghost Rider.

Robbie Reyes will play the role of Ghost Rider. He is a mechanic living in East Los Angeles, witnessing a world of crime. The man of virtue decides to participate in a race to raise money for himself and his young brother, Gabe. Robbie is planning to move out of his criminal neighbourhood. The race will fetch him $50,000.

The amount is enough for him to make a good living out of town. However, fate has something else in store for him. During the race, Robbie realizes that he is being chased by police. But it is the gang of the miscreants who kill him at the end of the race.

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The car that Robbie is riding is possessed by a spirit. The spirit then enters Robbie’s body. And ladies and gentlemen, this was how Ghost Rider was born. He roams around exacting justice on criminals.

Superpowers of Ghost Rider

Hulu’s Ghost Rider is quite a superhero who looks like a demon though. His superpowers include superhuman strength, speed, durability, pyrokinesis and demonic transformations.

Release date

Release date is not out yet. There is no official announcement from Hulu. According to our speculations, the show is likely to release in late 2020 or so. Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Who is going to star in the series?

Gabriel Luna is likely to reprise the role of Robbie Reyes.