Sandra Bullock is widely regarded as an American sweetheart for all the right reasons. She is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actresses, as well as one of its most beautiful, and she is rarely involved in controversies. On the other hand, her personal life was scandalized once when her ex-husband, Jesse James, openly admitted to cheating on her. While the actress did not speak anything about the subject, Jesse did. Continue reading to find out more.

Jesse is a television personality and automobile mechanic who appeared on the Discovery channel’s Monster Garage. He and Sandra were married from 2005 until 2010, and their divorce was acrimonious. The motorbike mogul admitted to cheating on his ex-wife, saying he did what millions of others do.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock, Jesse James Sandra Bullock, right, and Jesse James arrive at the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles Screen Actors Guild Awards Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA

In 2011, Jesse James talked about several extra-marital affairs that ended his marriage with Sandra Bullock. While talking to Men’s Journal, he said, “I never shied away from anything I did. I took full responsibility. I cheated on my wife. Guess what? So do millions of other men. To be honest, it was unfair for me to even be in a relationship. I sabotaged everything. I was never 100 per cent in. I’m self-destructive. I made some seriously f*cked-up choices.”

Jesse James revealed that he had trust issues with Sandra Bullock in another appearance on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio.

“Yeah, she could stand there in front of the world and say she loved me, but in my mind, I was thinking, yeah bullsh*t…’ You don’t love me,'” he claimed, talking about the actress’s Oscar acceptance speech in 2010.

Sandra Bullock with Jesse James
Sandra Bullock with Jesse James

He didn’t stop there, though. Jesse compared his ex-wife to his then-girlfriend, Kat Von D, whom he dated after separating from Sandra. When asked which of the two was better in bed, he replied, “That one’s an easy no-brainer.” Jesse said after establishing that he was talking about Kat. “Yes, sir. 100 percent. She’s a vixen. The way she gets in my head and makes me feel.”

After his divorce, Jesse James went to therapy, and while Sandra Bullock never married again, she found love in Bryan Randall.