Sky Bri is an American influencer whose OnlyFans page went viral and got a lot of attention. The model is famous for uploading adult content, and she has a lot of fans on all of her social media accounts. She also posts pictures of herself in a two-piece on Instagram to keep her fans and followers updated.

Sky Bri Won't Spend a Single Penny Out of Her $2-Million Fortune from OnlyFans

Sky Bri has done quite well as a model, but she has also been on Tinder’s Side Plus. The influencer got a lot of attention on Instagram, where she now has more than a million followers. She later started working for the clothing store Target. She made a name for herself in Hollywood at a very young.


The social media influencer from Lancaster recently went on Barstool’s OnlyStans podcast and then told a family secret. Sky Bri said that not everyone in her family was happy and positive when she joined OnlyFans. The influencer told the host, Glenny Balls,

My mum is super supportive of it, but the rest of my family disowned me.

The Daily Star says that the 23-year-old model loves to shoot with her best friend, Rara Knupps. She only does two s*x scenes every month.

Literally, I shoot a scene twice a month. And people act like I’m this s-x-crazed (woman), out here f****** everyone, but I’m very vanilla, I just want love.

Sky Bri Won't Spend a Single Penny Out of Her $2-Million Fortune from OnlyFans

Sky Bri said as she talked about how her family has never supported her career,

They’re super Christian, very very religious.

Even though she has a $2 million fortune, she would rather live as if she’s broke. The model revealed,

I live like I’m broke. I don’t spend any of my money; all the money that I’ve made over the last year is saved up.

Sky Bri sees herself as someone who lives a peaceful life in San Diego with two kids and a dog.


Sky Bri And Jake Paul’s Relationship Timeline

In March 2022, Sky Bri and Jake Paul were dating each other. He had broken up with his ex-girlfriend, Julia Rose. When two American social media celebs were seen on vacation together, there were rumors that they were dating.

Sky Bri talked about her first conversation with Jake Paul, who was her boyfriend at the time on an episode of No Jumper, about their first night together when they flew out of Puerto Rico. Sky Bri mentioned,

The very first night, the first conversation we had, ‘This is for clout.’ He was like, ‘At the end of this, I want you to post it.

Jake Paul may not have given much thought to how his girlfriend, Sky Bri, would become famous because of this. He only cared about getting his revenge on Julia Rose. Jake Paul had allegedly said,

Get the clout from it whatever, and I’m probably going to make Julia mad and get the revenge that I need.

Sky Bri Won't Spend a Single Penny Out of Her $2-Million Fortune from OnlyFans

Jake Paul also got a tattoo of Sky Bri on the inside of each of his thighs that said “SKYLER RARA.” Even Sky herself had a JAKE P. tattoo on the back of her neck. But sources say that the couple broke up privately because they no longer post pictures of themselves together and haven’t been seen in public with each other in a while.