Boruto manga and anime are both on a break right now. Many fans have taken this opportunity to discuss various theories regarding the series and the characters involved. A recent Reddit post was about Himawari, Naruto’s daughter, and Boruto’s little sister.

Boruto Himawari anime manga
Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga, with their kids, Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

Boruto: Naruto’s next generation is a successor of the original Naruto series. It is written by the author of the Naruto series, Masashi Kishimoto along with Ukyō Kodachi, and is illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. The story focuses on Boruto, Naruto’s son, and his journey to becoming a ninja just like his father. The story has completed 6 arcs so far in the manga with the Omnipotence Arc being the latest.

Himawari is the second child of Naruto and Hinata. She is still very young and is undergoing as a kunoichi. Because of her Hyūga heritage, she was able to awaken her Byakugan at a very young age. The story goes that the day Naruto was about to be inaugurated as the seventh Hokage, she wanted to bring her toy panda to the ceremony. Boruto being embarrassed to be seen with a toy, in the situation that he might be the one holding it in the end, decided to snatch it from her and throw it away. While doing so, he ripped the toy’s head angering Himawari in the process.

She awakened her Byakugan without realizing it and went to attack Boruto. Their father, realizing the situation decides to step in between but Himawari’s attack knocks Naruto out. Boruto afraid of her power runs and hides in a closet. Since then he has decided to not anger her anymore.

Boruto Himawari anime manga
Himawari attacks her father Naruto

From time and time again Himawari Uzumaki has shown to be better and much more talented when compared to her brother. She is very athletic, good at performing high demanding tasks like Tree Climbing Practice, and is very good with the shurikenjutsu skill. Some Fans are hoping that Himawari will break the damsels in distress trope that plagues the Naruto manga.

What do you expect from her?

A Reddit user by the name of u/Agreeable-Dish-4562 posed a question to the subscribers of the r/Boruto subreddit. What do you expect from her? was the question. The answers vary from wanting her to be just as if not more powerful than Neji or maybe she might actually give into the damsel in distress trope in the end. Let us take a look.

Boruto Himawari anime manga
Reddit post asking the question on r/Boruto subreddit

The most upvoted comment was by the user u/KaiserSenpaiAckerman who said “I want her to fight like Neji so badly.” another user, User 
u/Soggy-Ad-4210 replied  to that by stating “I think she’s going to be a lot more talented and skilled than Neji could ever dream of.”

Neji Hyūga was one of the most talented prodigies of the Hyūga clan and was a self-thought genius. His fate of being the serviceman of a Hyūga branch house was dismantled by Naruto who also helped him follow his own fate. He died protecting Naruto.

Will Himawari have a role post the Boruto manga time skip?

Some users believe that the little girl would have grown up enough to have a significant role after the anticipated time skip in the manga. a user by the name u/PyroPuffs said “She’s definitely gonna have a role post-time-skip. With Daemon’s reaction to her, and the anime developing her as a future shinobi, i can only assume Kishi is cooking something for her”. While some believe that the fight wouldn’t happen as Himawari is too strong. u/GreenRasengan stated, “I believe they won’t fight. Hima will be strong, really strong, but never to fight daemon…”

Most of them want her to be more powerful and be trained by her mother. User u/K_Sleight wrote “Expect? Nothing. I WANT her to be taught by Hinata and Hanabi in both the offensive and defensive trigrams, and to become the most devastating taijutsu fighter in the show.”

Another user u/strongr_togethr said ” I’d just give her byakugan abilities and shadow clone Jutsu. Those two alone would make her stronger than most shinobi. Imagine 8 trigrams and 256 palms. With enough base power, that should be enough to defeat most Otsusuki threats or at least aid in battle. They wouldn’t be able to absorb any of her Jutsu and I think this is a decent buff for her. Nothing too OP”.

Himawari nothing but a damsel in distress?

While most of them believe that the author’s old habit of making female characters useless in the end will eventually happen. Thus preventing Himawari from anything but the fate of the damsel in distress.

User u/adgeal wrote “from her? a lot, from kishi? nothing”. User u/thebesttoaster said “Nothing. It’s Kishimoto and she’s female, it’s better not to get my hopes up.”

While user u/Cold-Legitimate   says “Nothing. They’re too busy focusing on Boruto, Kawaki, Eida, Code, Sarada, Shikamaru, and Amado and even with the timeskip she’d still be too young to have the same relevancy as the other characters. Even Sasuke and especially Sakura have been fading into obscurity as of late”.

Other users pointed out Kishimoto’s problem of forgetting female characters who are married. u/solodoloGAINZ says “Complete awesomeness, then she gets married and becomes absolutely irrelevant.”

It will be hard to say how the story will treat her

A user by the name u/superkami64 said:

“Hard to say since I’ve been burned several times from having too high expectations only for the end result to be a disappointment. The most recent being the Kawaki Academy arc with Hima in the actual episodes struggling to find something to do after the marketing gassed her up as the secondary protagonist (even giving her a new design only to then not use afterwards): after the first 2 episodes she doesn’t contribute anything until the end and was maybe the 4th most important character overall.

After getting crushed by that, I’ve given up having any expectations, especially when despite being one of the more relevant characters she’s given no personality trait in the manga beyond “she loves her family”. She’s my favorite Boruto character and it says a lot when even I’m not sure how she’ll be treated.”

While we wait and watch what the authors have in mind for the Boruto characters next, you can catch up on the manga series. It is available to read for free on the MangaPlus app by Shueisha.

Boruto Himawari anime manga
Hopefully, Himawari will be treated better in the manga.

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Source: Reddit