Zendaya’s role in the HBO drama ‘Euphoria’ was a breakthrough moment in her career. While she is already well known for her work on the Disney channel, Dancing with the Stars, and other small films, Euphoria helped her to reach a new level of success in her career.

“I’m a Disney kid. There’s a lot to prove.” Zendaya Was Once Unsure About Her Role in $275M HBO Franchise
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How Joining the ‘Euphoria’ Cast Took Zendaya’s Career to New Heights

Zendaya showcased her acting skills with Rue’s role in Euphoria. She was able to deliver a memorable performance by showing off that she can also play serious roles with great acting.

She even got praised by the audience as well as critics in the first season of the show, which got her nominated and won the first Emmy award.

While many people had doubts about whether the former Disney actress could handle such an intense role, her performance in ‘Euphoria’ proved them wrong and showcased her versatility as an actor.

She was also nervous since she had never played such an intense role before, but she wanted to play the role of Rue after reading Euphoria’s script. Moreover, she put a lot of pressure on herself to make the character succeed.

Why Zendaya Felt Nervous About Playing the Role of Rue in ‘Euphoria’

The actress shared her experience about Euphoria:

I was really nervous because I wanted to do well. It’s like going from nothing to everything — there were no steps in between. That’s why people think it’s such a stretch for me to play this character. There’s a lot of people who probably think I can’t do it because they don’t truly understand my personality. And I get it: I’m a Disney kid. There’s a lot to prove.

The writer and the creator of Euphoria, Sam Levinson, never had any doubts whether Zendaya would be able to play the role of Rue in the series or not.

In fact, Sam had Zendaya in his mind from the beginning as Sam thought that she could deliver a better performance than anyone else for the given role.

“I’m a Disney kid. There’s a lot to prove.” Zendaya Was Once Unsure About Her Role in $275M HBO Franchise
Euphoira star with Tom Holland.

Creator Sam Levinson Confident in Zendaya’s Ability to Tackle Intense ‘Euphoria’ Role

He took a risk on me, but he doesn’t see it that way,” a href=”https://www.hiptoro.com/p/tom-holland-might-be-returning-as-spider-man-for-new-trilogy/”>the Spider-Man: No Way Home star shared about Levinson. “He would always say, ‘Yo, Z, I’m not worried about you.’ I appreciate that.

It is evident that Zendaya faced some common as well as difficult problems when she first began shooting for Euphoria, but ultimately she handled the role.

Source: NYTimes