The first episode of season 2 of “Invisible City” starts in the Amazon Rainforest, years after the dramatic events of season 1. In this episode, the workers led by Danilo are on a quest for gold and encounter a mysterious creature. Meanwhile, Luna is still searching for her father, and Ines senses a strange power as they approach a glistening pool that marks the route to Marangatu.

The Plot

The episode is full of twists and turns as Luna and Ines embark on a mission to find Eric, who was brought more profoundly into the forest by those inside Maragatu. Luna retreats to her cabin, where she summons the trickster witch, Matinta, who promises to grant any wish. However, Luna has to give something back in exchange and foolishly agrees.

As Eric wakes up in the pool of water we saw earlier in the episode, he finds himself amidst a mining site, where he meets Lazo, a seer, and frees him. However, when Danilo returns, Eric knocks over a lantern, blowing the entire base up with a massive explosion. The real players, Debora and Castro, come into the picture and are determined to find Marangatu no matter what.

After the explosion, Lazo returns to the church, revealing that they’ve found someone to help “lift the curse.” Meanwhile, Eric wakes up in a hospital bed to find Telma there, asking questions about the explosion. Eric admits he doesn’t know anything, but when the detective leaves, a young boy called Bento shows up and bites through his cuffs, encouraging him to follow to find his daughter.

Ines shows up in the forest the next day, apologizing to Jaciara (the villager elder) for trespassing and admitting she had no intention of invading Marangatu. As the sunlight gives way to night, Eric watches as the boy transforms before his eyes. He wants Eric to free him from this curse. Since coming back, Eric can now take on others’ abilities. He does this to Bento, freeing him of the “Wolf Boy” curse and giving himself a heightened sense of smell to track down Luna.


This episode of “Invisible City” sets the tone for the second season, and the storyline is as captivating as ever. The twists and turns in the plot, combined with the supernatural elements, make it a must-watch for fans of the genre. The episode also explores the complexities of human greed and the consequences of exploiting nature for personal gain.


The first episode of “Invisible City” season 2, “My Biggest Wish,” is an exciting, action-packed episode that sets the stage for what is sure to be an intriguing season. With the introduction of new characters and a continuation of the original storyline, fans of the show are sure to be satisfied.