Episode 3 of Invisible City season 2, titled “The Life We Always Dreamed Of,” takes the viewers on an intriguing journey with mysterious twists and turns. The episode starts with a steamy scene between Venancio and Clarice, who transforms into the Headless Mule, paving the way for an exciting storyline.

The Plot

Venancio decides that Eric is their last hope to remove the curse hanging over Clarice. They meet Eric and Ines, where Clarice reveals Debora’s plan to use Luna to access Marangatu, a gold land. Tonight’s auction is Eric’s only chance to free Luna from Debora’s grip.

The plan involves Clarice playing her part in getting close to Debora, pretending to be successful in killing Eric. Eric and Ines show up at the party wearing masks and begin to look around to find Luna. Meanwhile, Telma, disguised as hired help, snoops around Debora’s room and finds the mining files.

The auction takes an unexpected turn when Lazo is brought out before everyone. Debora’s brother, Castro, leads the charge and promises the largest gold reserve ever discovered, linked to Marangatu. Danilo, who was supposed to stay in the hospital, breaks free and reveals the truth to Debora. This throws Eric’s plan into jeopardy, and Debora launches herself at Luna, biting her neck.

Episode Review

The third episode is where the writing starts to fall apart, and it’s a shame because there are some excellent ideas in here, especially with the Headless Mule origin story brought to life. The end-game is still unknown, but the contrived nature of the auction seems like a convenient way to get everyone together.

Some of the issues in the episode can be attributed to the shorter run-time of the season and the lack of attention to detail. However, the episode keeps viewers hooked with its intriguing storyline.

“The end-game here is still unknown at this point, but the contrived nature of the auction, not to mention everyone wearing masks, seems like a convenient way to bring everyone together, rather than making logical sense. Some of the issues here can be attributed to the shorter run-time of this season and the lack of attention to detail.”

Overall, episode 3 of Invisible City season 2 has highs and lows. While the episode struggles with some inconsistencies in the plot, it still manages to keep the audience engaged with its fast-paced narrative and exciting storyline.