iPhone SE 2 is in demand from the users who need a 4-inch device. The last iPhone SE made an entry two years ago and a successor is hoped.

But as of now, no official news has surfaced but leaks have something exciting for us. They know the sneak peek for the iPhone SE 2 and that makes us curious.

Why do we need a 4-inch iPhone?

Apple is currently working on its bigger iPhones because they provide much more opportunities to work on. The bigger screen gives much more accessibility as well as better features to the user.

But what the user wants a device that is mid-range? This is the reason why Apple needs to produce a 4-inch successor to iPhone SE series. iPhone SE phones are best handy phones mostly used by those whose activity is dependent on the size of the screen.

The iPhone SE was launchedin 2016 and nothing update is done to it until now.
The iPhone SE series is a handy as well as the highly accessible device. Credits: Wired

But what they want is a mid-range phone which has sufficient functions to handle their daily tasks. These phones are also used as a secondary option to their primary device.

What else do we get from these devices? We get a better battery backup as the screen is small. This further results in longer calls and standby activity. Bigger phones die sooner and also cause pain in fingers to access every corner of the screen.

Smaller screen also provides lesser functionalities which are helpful to people who get confused with multiple options. They are light in weight and people generally like the Metal Design of the iPhone SE series.

Glass back panel and a design similar to iPhone X but in 4-inch.
A possible outcome from Apple of the iPhone SE 2. Credits: Forbes

What leads us to iPhone SE 2 entry

As from the sales of iPhone SE series on Apple Clearance Store and other online platforms, Apple is trying to get rid of every device that is in stock. Apple is giving an offer price of $249 to $299 all across different platforms.

This leads us to Apple’s plan for the year 2019. iPhone SE series after getting out of stock, Apple will introduce the iPhone SE 2 so that customers get their focus set on this device.

This will help with the beginning product boom in the market. And Apple knows that the product design of the iPhone SE 2 will the factor that they can play in the market. The metal curved edges with metal keys on the side are what makes users go for the device.

iPhone SE 2 leaks

As per the leaks of iMore, iPhone SE 2 is rumoured to have a notch screen as the iPhone XR. This makes the device look more premium. Making it more comfortable as well as better screen access.

The iPhone SE 2 will have a notch display.
The screen design leak of the iPhone SE 2. Credits: BGR

iPhone SE 2 will the latest Apple processor and more RAM which gives the device a smoother experience. There will be no home button but incorporation with the screen is possible. But how would that result not so sure?

As per Sachin Baht from Tekz24,

The iPhone SE 2 will have a glass back panel as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X

But the iPhone SE 2 definitely needs a memory storage upgrade as the device tends to get slower when there are storage issues.

After all the leaks, in the end, we can imagine a design of the iPhone SE 2. It will have a notch screen with the home button incorporated with it. A glass back panel with the camera at the corner. Curved metal edges with keys in it.

Consumers all around the world need this to be the design of the iPhone SE 2. As I comprehend, what I would like to have in the device is all that the world needs.