Naruto is one of the most beloved, popular, and successful anime series of all time. In no time, the series got so big that it received massive support from the fans for a spin-off series, Boruto.

The Boruto anime series continues the legacy of its predecessor, Naruto. However, due to mixed reviews from fans and critics, it is difficult to understand whether or not Boruto is worth watching after Naruto.

We asked an AI “Is Boruto worth watching After Naruto” And it Had The Most Real Answer
ChatGPT’s response to the most often-asked question about Boruto

To find out the answer to “Is Boruto Worth Watching After Naruto,” we asked the question ChatGPT, the popular and most intelligent chatbot right now.

AI Delivers Honest Verdict: Should You Watch Boruto After Naruto?

As an experiment, we asked the popular chatbot, ChatGPT to answer the long-standing debate question, “Is Boruto worth watching after Naruto?”.

ChatGPT, a chatbot built by OpenAI, gave us a most surprising, well-rounded, and honest analysis of the pros and cons of Boruto, which will allow the fans to make an informed decision.

We asked an AI “Is Boruto worth watching After Naruto” And it Had The Most Real Answer
Naruto Anime Vs. Manga

Here’s ChatGPT’s take on our question:


  1. Familiarity with the universe: If you’re a fan of the Naruto universe, Boruto offers a continuation of the story, which can be satisfying to see.
  2. New characters and storylines: Boruto introduces a fresh cast of characters with their unique abilities and personalities, as well as new story arcs and conflicts.
  3. Character development: Some of the original Naruto characters, such as Naruto and Sasuke, continue to be featured in the series, and it’s interesting to see their growth as adults and mentors.


  1. Comparisons to Naruto: Many fans feel that Boruto doesn’t quite live up to the original series in terms of storytelling and character development, leading to some disappointment.
  2. Pacing issues: Boruto has been criticized for its pacing, with some episodes feeling slow or filled with filler content.
  3. Lack of focus on original characters: Some fans of the original series are disappointed with the reduced screen time and involvement of their favorite characters from Naruto.

ChatGPT was able to highlight the key aspects of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. For instance, it highlighted the anime series’ familiarity with the Naruto universe, storylines, and characters. Moreover, it also covered the ongoing progress of original characters like Naruto and Sasuke.

On top of that, it was able to acknowledge the common criticism that the Boruto anime series received, including the pacing issue, less focus on the original cast, and more.

Ultimately, ChatGPT left the decision to the anime series fans. According to ChatGPT, it depends on your personal taste and preference and how invested you are in the Naruto universe.

The chatbot said:

If you’re open to a new story with a fresh set of characters while staying within the same world, Boruto might be worth your time. However, if you’re only interested in the original characters and plotlines, you may find yourself disappointed by the new series.