Is Telegram down right now? Some Telegram users have reported that they cannot use Telegram and have issues in log in. As soon as the social media platform went down, reports of the Telegram outage started flooding other platforms like Twitter and Reddit to seek confirmation from other users.

Telegram is a popular instant messaging app that is completely free to use. It is completely cloud-based and was launched in 2013 by two brothers, Pavel Durov and Nikolai.

When Did Telegram Go Down?

There is no confirmation about the Telegram down timing since the company has not officially confirmed the outage. In India, Telegram servers have hit a bit of a snag between 10 AM to 10:15 AM.

Since Telegram is available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Desktop, users from all platforms report the outage on Twitter. Telegram is working nowhere, whether it be on the Web, Desktop, or mobile phones.

Who is Experiencing the Telegram Outage?

While the Telegram outage is clearly visible on Twitter and other social media platforms, it seems that not all users are affected by the Telegram outage. As we can check, only a subset of Telegram users are experiencing difficulties on the platform.

Telegram is down
by u/mrr47 in Telegram

Also, Telegram’s official Twitter handle has not confirmed the Telegram outage yet, which clearly indicates that the platform is down but not for all users.

Is Telegram Down in All Countries?

Tweets from users of different regions are visible on Twitter, indicating that Telegram is down in various parts of the World. Users reported that they see the “Connecting…” icon while opening the Telegram app.

We also confirmed with Downdetector, which is a popular website for tracking the downtime of social media platforms, that Telegram is down for some users. At around 10:40 AM IST, the platform received more than 550 reports of a Telegram outage.

Most users face server connection problems as it shows the connecting icon when opening the Telegram app. While a small subset of users also faces issues in Sending messages and Login.