Jaelyn Cox, who has two kids and is also a model for OnlyFans, says that women who take maternity leave are lazy.

In January, Jaelyn Cox of Glasgow had her second daughter. After five days, she went back to work. She is an exotic dancer who is 29 years old and works hard to give her girls the best life possible.

According to The Sun,

She makes so much money in her career as an OnlyFans model and stripper, she didn’t want to waste another minute sitting at home when she could be earning big bucks.

Jaelyn Cox

Jaelyn Cox told the outlet that she went back to work five days after giving birth, even though her boyfriend didn’t want her to.

I think those people are just lazy and looking for an excuse. It’s important to not let being a mum take over your life.

She added,

Every kid needs a happy mum, and having a break from your kids is a good thing. I think it’s important to get back to your old life and back into a work routine.

Sitting about the house and letting ‘being a mum’ take over your life is only going to make you depressed.

Jaelyn Cox

Jaelyn Cox also told other new moms to pay attention to their health and fitness while they were taking care of their babies.

I think getting to the gym the second week and dieting is a must after you give birth. And also for your relationship to start looking good again for your partner,

she said.

Jaelyn Cox continued,

A lot of women let themselves go after giving birth and put weight on.

Then their partner ends up cheating on them because they’re not the same person they were before giving birth.


Many of Jaelyn Cox’s social media followers liked her controversial point of view. But a lot of other people didn’t agree with her.

Jaelyn Cox

That’s a superpower, you go girl!

one woman commented.

Proper grafter, good on her! Earn as much as you can while you can,

a second wrote.

Good on her. Back in the day in my mum’s village, women there would give birth and be back on the fields in two days with the baby strapped on their back,

said another.

You gotta do what you gotta do. So many can’t takes days off. Everyone heals differently. I was in the gym a week later with my last,

someone said.

Many people also disagreed with what she said and said that after giving birth, most women need some time off work to heal and get used to their new lives with a baby.

Jaelyn Cox

Being a mom is a job! Mothers go back to work (taking care of their children) immediately without pay. How is this any different exactly as long as baby is taken care of?

asked one.

How could someone shame a mom for wanting to be home? I unfortunately have to work but if given the opportunity, I’d stay home in a heart beat!

added another.

This women has no right to slam other mothers who chose to stay home with their children to bond or heal from giving birth, the same way she does not wished to be slam for her unusual choices,

another wrote.


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