Jennifer Aniston, the well-known Hollywood actress, has been promoting the sequel to her hit Netflix film, Murder Mystery, and recently addressed the criticism of the famous TV show Friends that has resurfaced recently.

Aniston Speaks Out

During an interview with AFP (via Yahoo News), Aniston expressed her thoughts about the sensitivity of today’s society and the challenges it presents to comedians.

She shared her belief that “comedy has evolved, and it has become increasingly difficult to be funny.”

According to Aniston, comedy’s beauty lies in making fun of oneself and life. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult to do without offending anyone in today’s world.

Aniston stated that a whole generation of people, especially young kids, find Friends offensive because of the show’s insensitive jokes. She admits that some of these jokes were never intentional, but others should have been thought through. Aniston believes that the current society is much more sensitive than in the past, which makes it challenging to create comedy without being careful.

The Popularity of ‘Friends’

Despite the criticism, Aniston still believes that Friends is popular among young people because it’s a glimpse into life before social media and smartphones. The show portrays people hanging out and enjoying each other’s company without distractions from their phones. Aniston believes humor is essential, especially in a world that takes itself too seriously.

Reaction to Criticism

Aniston understands that people have the right to be offended and disagrees that people should censor everything they find offensive. According to Aniston, certain things may be offensive, but looking at them in the context of the time they were created is important. She believes that people should be able to enjoy the show for what it is and not take offense.


Jennifer Aniston believes that comedy has become more challenging in today’s society, with people becoming increasingly sensitive. Although some of the jokes in Friends may be offensive, Aniston thinks that people should view them in the context of the time they were created. She believes that the world needs humor, and people should be able to enjoy it without taking offense.


Why do people find Friends offensive?

Some people find Friends offensive due to insensitive jokes made in the show that is no longer considered acceptable in today’s society.

What does Jennifer Aniston think of the criticism of Friends?

Jennifer Aniston believes that people should view the show in the context of the time it was created and that people should be able to enjoy it without taking offense. She also believes that it is essential to acknowledge the changes in society that have taken place since the show first aired and that these changes should be reflected in modern comedy.

Why is comedy more challenging in today’s society?

Comedy is more challenging today because people have become more sensitive, and it’s harder to be funny without offending anyone. The beauty of humor is making fun of oneself and life, which is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition, the rise of cancel culture has made it even more challenging for comedians to push boundaries and experiment with new material.

What is cancel culture?

Cancel culture is a modern phenomenon where people call for public shaming or boycotts of individuals or entities that they perceive to have misbehaved or expressed views that are deemed offensive.

Source: Celebitchy