Acknowledging Offensive Content

Jennifer Aniston, while promoting her new movie “Murder Mystery 2,” recently spoke to AFP about the resurgence of “Friends” among younger generations and the critiques they’ve had about the show’s problematic content. Aniston acknowledged that many viewers had found the show offensive and that some issues were unintentional while others should have been thought through more carefully. She believes there wasn’t the same level of sensitivity back then as there is now.

Critiques of “Friends” Over the Years

“Friends,” originally aired from 1994-2004 and has found new life through streaming, has faced criticism over the years for its lack of diversity, fatphobia, homophobia, sexism, and other issues. Even the show’s creators have spoken out about certain decisions they regret, such as misgendering Chandler’s transgender parent. Despite the criticisms, the show remains a beloved classic and has launched the careers of its stars.

Comedy Today

Aniston also addressed the current state of comedy in her AFP interview. She noted that it’s now harder for comedians to be funny because they must be careful not to offend anyone. Humor, in her opinion, is about making fun of ourselves and life, and in the past, jokes about bigots were considered hysterical and helped educate people on their ridiculousness. However, Aniston believes that we’re not allowed to do that anymore.

The Need for Humor

Despite comedy’s challenges today, Aniston believes everyone needs humor and that the world can’t take itself too seriously. She believes that the US, in particular, is too divided and that laughter can help bring people together.

“Everybody needs funny! The world needs humor! We can’t take ourselves too seriously. Especially in the United States. Everyone is far too divided.” – Jennifer Aniston

Overall, Aniston acknowledges that times have changed, and specific content that was once considered acceptable is no longer appropriate. However, she also believes comedy is essential in bringing people together and making us laugh at ourselves.