Corporate Restructuring Takes Toll on The CW

The CW network has recently announced the cancellation of several scripted shows, including the beloved Arrowverse. Among the casualties is “The Winchesters,” a prequel to the long-running hit series “Supernatural.” Actor Jensen Ackles, known for his role as Dean Winchester in “Supernatural,” took to Twitter to express his determination in finding a new home for the series.

“Looks like we got work to do,” Ackles tweeted, accompanied by #SaveTheWinchesters and #spnfamily hashtags.

Jensen Ackles’ Journey Continues

Jensen Ackles, alongside Jared Padalecki, captivated audiences for 15 seasons as the Winchester brothers in “Supernatural.” Ackles now serves as the narrator and executive producer of “The Winchesters,” delving into the story of Sam and Dean Winchester’s parents and their adventures hunting demons.

Unfortunately, “The Winchesters” faced an untimely demise after just one 13-episode season. However, Ackles is determined to follow the recent trend of finding a new network for canceled shows. Notable examples include “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Minx,” and “Lucifer,” all of which successfully made the jump to different networks after their cancellations.

Ackles’ star power has been on the rise, with his noteworthy appearance in Season 3 of Amazon’s “The Boys” and his regular role as the voice of Batman in DC Animation. Alongside his growing influence, the enduring popularity and loyal fanbase of the “Supernatural” franchise provide him with valuable leverage to revive “The Winchesters.”

Moreover, a move to a streaming platform could give “The Winchesters” newfound creative freedom, liberated from the constraints of network TV guidelines. While streaming platforms have recently tightened their budgets, Ackles remains resolute in his mission to resurrect the prequel that played a significant role in his career.

Implications for The CW

The cancellation wave at The CW has had far-reaching consequences beyond Ackles and “The Winchesters.” Fan-favorite shows like “Walker: Independence” have already met their demise, and even superhero projects like “Superman & Lois” face uncertainty. Additionally, two flagship shows of the network, “The Flash” and “Riverdale,” are approaching their conclusions, as The CW seeks to prioritize more cost-effective unscripted programming.

Over the years, The CW has suffered significant financial losses. In 2022, Nexstar Media Group acquired a majority stake in The CW through a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery. As part of their strategy, the network has drastically reduced the number of scripted shows, focusing instead on reality TV programming. Unfortunately, this shift has left shows like “The Winchesters” in the unfortunate position of being casualties of this new direction.


1. Why was “The Winchesters” canceled?

The cancellation of “The Winchesters” was a result of corporate restructuring at The CW. The network has been focusing on reducing scripted shows and transitioning to a slate of unscripted programming, leading to the unfortunate cancellation of several beloved series, including “The Winchesters.”

2. Will “The Winchesters” find a new home?

Jensen Ackles, who stars in “The Winchesters” and serves as an executive producer, has expressed his determination to find a new network for the series. In recent years, we have seen examples of canceled shows successfully finding new homes, so there is hope for “The Winchesters” to continue its story.

3. How can fans support the campaign to save “The Winchesters”?

Fans can show their support by using the hashtags #SaveTheWinchesters and #spnfamily on social media platforms. Engaging with discussions about the show and sharing their love for the series can help create awareness and potentially attract the attention of networks or streaming platforms interested in picking up “The Winchesters.”

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