The Marvel star Jeremy Renner, 52, was seen heading into the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio in Hollywood, California, on Monday, as he prepared to appear on the late-night show for the first time since a New Year’s Day snow plow accident that left him with 30 fractured bones.

The Hawkeye actor wore dark brown suede over a patterned button-down top with black pants and black dress shoes.

The Modesto, California native wore his brown hair nicely parted and aviator sunglasses while strolling with a black cane on a cold spring day in Southern California.

Fans applauded the Academy Award-nominated performer as he entered the studio and signed autographs for a number of them before heading to the network TV appearance.

He spent the weekend with his family at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, posing for photos with relatives at the popular amusement park.’

On Instagram, he wrote, ‘Good Friday, made magic on the mountain with some of my lovely family!’ ‘Thank you, @sixflagsmagicmountain.’

He was spotted with his daughter Ava Berlin, 10, on a trip to Six Flags. The actor kept a mobility scooter nearby to help him navigate the large theme park.

Jeremy Renner has been frank about his recuperation, which could take years, in the aftermath of the horrific January 1 accident.

More than 30 bones in Jeremy Renner’s body were shattered in the January 1 accident, which initially left him in ‘serious condition’ and necessitated multiple surgical treatments.

At the time of the occurrence, he was making a heroic effort to protect his nephew from danger.

Jeremy Renner took to social media in March to reveal that he was making progress in his physical recovery from the accident, as he was pictured walking on a treadmill.

Jeremy Renner will walk the red carpet at the premiere of his Disney+ show Rennervations on Tuesday and his appearance on Kimmel on Monday.


Rory Millikin, an executive producer for the streaming service, said the supportive family had surrounded Renner during his rehabilitation from the snowplow tragedy.

‘His mother is always here,’ Millikin told People on Friday. ‘I mean, his mother moved in to take care of him, as mothers do. Mothers are tremendous sources of support.’

‘You should see this house – it’s always overflowing with nieces, nephews, relatives, and siblings,’ he continued. It’s like a big family complex, and everyone has played a significant role.’

During the show, the late-night presenter referred to Renner as “indestructible” and presented him as the “toughest Avenger.”

‘Was this a publicity stunt?’ joked Kimmel.

In response, Renner replied, ‘Absolutely.’

‘If there was any doubt about who the toughest Avenger was, that’s now settled,’ Kimmel remarked. Forget about [Chris] Hemsworth. Forget about these men. You’re the one. ‘You’re the man.’

‘Yeah, I guess so,’ Jeremy Renner responded.

Jeremy Renner on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jeremy Renner on Jimmy Kimmel Live

‘I think I speak for everyone when I say, thank God, look at you, you look terrific,’ Kimmel added. ‘We’re delighted to have you here.’

Jeremy Renner joked on the show that he had a “very bad start to the year.”

He discussed how the accident had caused him to shatter ’35 or so’ bones and how he was ‘fortunate’ that the plow had missed every vertebra, didn’t strike any organs, his brain didn’t swell, and nothing like that.

‘My eye did pop out,’ he continued. ‘That’s strange, but sure… I was incredibly lucky that none of the organs were damaged.’

He then joked about how the accident freed up his schedule.

“Holy hell!” was my first conscious thought. My calendar is clear for the remainder of the year!

‘My year was really jam-packed until I got crushed,’ he went on.

‘[The accident] was like a New Year’s resolution, so I did drop like 20 pounds,’ he said of his rehabilitation. I gave up smoking. It’s the simplest approach to stop smoking.’