Joe Alwyn, a London boy, was seen smiling just days after his breakup with Taylor Swift.

Emma Laird posted a picture of Joe Alwyn.

Joe Alwyn has Emma Laird, the brutalist costar, posted a carousel of photographs on Instagram with the description “Moments in March.” The post included Emma and the actors in the drama picture. Joe Alwyn was seen smiling at the camera in one of the posts. The photograph appears to have been taken late at night on a city street, with Joe standing in front of a green scooter. The photo could have been taken in Hungary, where the film’s cast is currently filming. Laird also appears to have disabled comments on her post.

Did Joe cheat on Taylor Swift?

Despite the fact that the couple has not revealed anything about what caused the breakup, insiders suggest that it was done with mutual understanding. “It was more Taylor Swift’s decision to break up,” a source stated, “but both of them realized that they weren’t completely right for each other.” They had been together for so long and spent so much time together, yet their personalities were too dissimilar. Joe is more bashful, introverted, and quiet.”

There has been no evidence of ill blood or adultery between the two, but after actress Emma Laird uploaded a photo of Joe Alwyn, fans assumed the worst. A few Swifties claimed that the separation could have been caused by Joe cheating on Taylor Swift. Fans also observed Emma apparently liking tweets regarding Taylor and Joe’s split.

A source also stated, “She’s very focused on touring and her career right now. Taylor Swift has nothing but respect for Joe and really loved and enjoyed all the time and memories she shared with him. They had a deep connection and she really appreciated that. She hopes they can be friendly in the future.”

Even though several sources state that the breakup was caused by the two stars realizing they weren’t right for each other and that they had nothing but love and respect for each other, Swifties aren’t convinced.