Have you ever seen fairy tales? Oh, everything in it looks so breathtaking. From the magical place, people to the mysterious animals. (This is a never-ending list) 

But have you ever thought that you might see such a magical and surreal animal in real life? If not, the mesmerizing pictures of a white baby reindeer are going to make you fall in love with it. The pictures were clicked by a wildlife writer and journalist Mads Nordsveen. 

“I was exploring a part of the mountains while searching for the perfect places to make my photos and the cute animal showed up in front of my camera out of nowhere. The baby deer had a completely black color so the snow camouflaged its body very well. But the animal did not want to hide so I managed to take great shots,” Mads Nordsveen said.

“The adorable baby deer came very near me and it looked me directly in my eyes,” Nordsveen stressed.  While the journalist was clicking the pictures, the mother of the baby reindeer showed up behind the trees in the background.