NBA star Kawhi Leonard is set to participate in first ever NBA championship at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena this Monday. He is ready to defeat the Golden State Warriors.

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Kawhi Leonard drives a 20-year-old-car despite a salary of $23 million

In 2015, Leonard signed a $94 million five year contract, made a salary of around $23 million in the past season and is almost on the verge of free agency. This time he would demand a new contract bigger than the previous one. He is the most down-to-earth star athletes in the world.

Kawhi Leonard NBA
Credits: Washington Post

This is evident from the previous instances. In 2016, Leonard earned $16 million for the San Antonio Spurs driving his old SUV from high school. He often drives the 1997 Chevy Tahoe “Gas Guzzler.” He first started driving it when he was a teenager in the Inland Empire region of Southern California.

The 1997 Chevy Tahoe LS is only worth $1,390 as estimates by an auto information website Edmunds. But another car website CarGurus listed the 1997 Chevy Tahoe SUVs for $15,000. Leonard also took the Tahoe to Canada with him when he signed a blockbuster trade with San Antonio.

Kawhi Leonard NBA net value

The NBA star also did a  celebrity endorsement for Wingstop, the chicken wing chain. For the sponsorship deal, the restaurant also gave coupons to him for free wings. He panicked when he lost the coupons, and the NBA star was sent another stack of free food coupons by Wingstop.

Gregg Popovich, the head coach of San Antonio, said,

He doesn’t give a damn about the stardom. He loves the game. He ignores the rest of it.

But this doesn’t mean that Leonard has stocked up all his money. He also owns a Porsche, and he also shelled out around $13.3 million to buy a home in San Diego.