Kevin Costner has been caught up in even more trouble.

In the past few days, the “Yellowstone” star’s wife, Christine Baumgartner, filed for divorce, and a report said he was going to leave the show at the end of season five.

Now, the situation has taken an unexpected turn. An undisclosed source told TMZ that the claim that Costner got a “Yellowstone” co-star pregnant is “total BS.”

Things start to get a little strange. There was no claim whatsoever that Kevin Costner got anyone pregnant. In fact, the claim seems to be based on a tweet from an account with only 225 views, zero likes, and zero retweets.


What is going on with Kevin Costner?

This denial seems to be very strange. Not because the rumor is probably not true but because nobody seems to be talking about it.

Another tweet is in response to a TMZ story, but it comes from an account called @Grannytologist. That’s what TMZ says about the denial in its story related to the same.

Why would anyone close to Kevin Costner or the actor himself talk about this? Let’s run through the sequence of events.

On Tuesday, the news regarding his wife filing for divorce came out. On Wednesday, news broke that he was supposedly leaving “Yellowstone” at the end of season five. Now, someone close to him has denied a rumor that he got his co-star pregnant, which the netizens weren’t aware of.

Whoever was silly enough to say something on this aspect, should definitely be fired if they work for Costner, since all they did was bring a lot of attention to a rumor that nobody knew of.

Kevin Costner

In general, people shouldn’t pay attention to things that don’t need it. A rumor that started with a tweet from an account that doesn’t mean anything (no offense to the nice woman who tweeted it) and has zero interactions isn’t worth paying attention to at all.

By admitting it, you’re just shining a big, bright light on something that has no relevance.

Kevin Costner

Costner has had a very crazy couple of days, and this doesn’t make things any better.