Kevin Costner’s alleged comments about Amber Heard from the past resurfaced online while her defamation trial with Johnny Depp was still going on.

In the 2014 action movie 3 Days to Kill, Heard co-starred with Kevin Costner. Earlier reports said that during the project’s wrap-up party, Heard talked about Depp, who was her boyfriend at the time and said nice things about him.

Kevin Costner's comments on Amber Heard

But Costner quickly called Heard out and said that she allegedly tried to flirt with him while she was briefly single after breaking up with Depp:

When you broke up with him for a day or two though it didn’t take you long to find your way into my trailer nak*d though did it?

Kevin Costner is said to have said this out loud in front of 10 other people, but no one knows if Amber Heard ever responded to his comments.


A look into Kevin Costner and Amber Heard’s professional relationship.

In the 2014 action-thriller movie 3 Days to Kill, Kevin Costner and Amber Heard both starred in it. The movie was directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol and written by Luc Besson and Adi Hasak.

Kevin Costner

In the movie, Costner plays the main character, CIA agent Ethan Renner, who quits his job after being told he has a disease that will kill him. He is then given a drug that could save his life in exchange for one last mission before he retires.

Renner’s job is to catch the leader of the arms traffickers, Wolf, before he works on his plan to improve his relationship with his wife and daughter.

His last job is to catch a dangerous arms dealer boss named Wolf. Once he does that, he can focus on getting back together with his wife and daughter.

Heard, on the other hand, plays an elite assassin who is hired to kill Wolf and help Ethan with his mission. Heard talked about how her character and Costner’s character get along while promoting the movie. She said:

Our relationship is an interesting one, and it’s the power struggle of these two strong characters constantly going against each other. What’s interesting is that he’s very accomplished and he’s very good at his job. He’s tried and true.

She further mentioned:

He’s a veteran of the trade that they’re in. And she’s a whole other school. It’s a new school. It’s very completely opposite, in some ways.

Amber Heard and Kevin Costner were in the news after it was said that Costner made fun of Heard at the film’s wrap-up party. But none of the actors have directly denied it or talked about it. The comment was brought up again during Heard’s defamation trial.

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