Kevin Durant’s injury has affected Phoenix Suns very adversely. The latest reports say that he is making a comeback. Well, let’s know the truth behind these updates.

It has been a tough time for Phoenix Suns this NBA season. Everyone knows that Kevin Durant’s absence has hit this team too hard. They are striving hard to reach the fourth spot in the final standings. Kevin is being awaited anxiously by the entire team.

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Kevin was earlier part of the Brooklyn Nets

What Happened To Kevin Durant? How Did he Get Injured?

Kevin was earlier part of the Brooklyn Nets. Then Phoenix took him for a good amount of money. But must, to their dismay, Durant ended up receiving an injury while indulging in warm-ups. While pouncing on the rim, his foot slipped, and his ankle rolled. He finished the warmup, but soon, his foot developed soreness.

What’s The Latest Update About Kevin Durant’s Injury?

Durant has been absent from the team since then. NBA reporter Shams revealed that Durant could make a comeback by the end of March. He said that Durant regularly involved himself in the court. Few more evaluations are left, which will determine whether he can return.

The evaluation report will be out by this week’s end. The Phoenix Suns are pretty positive that he will manage to make a comeback soon. The final re-evaluation will be done next week.

Tough Time For Phoenix Suns After Kevin Durant Injury

Durant’s injury has exposed the loopholes of the Suns. Durant was the one who kept the team’s momentum alive. He impressed everyone with his smashing debut when he scored 23 points in 27 minutes. The Suns are in the fourth position now and need to win more games to seal the spot.

The primary worry for the Suns is that if Durant returns by end of March, he would have to gain his form and rhythm back as quickly as possible.

With only five regular season games remaining then, Durant must strive hard. The team desperately needs Durant to reach the playoffs.